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an extractor consisting of a pair of pincers used in medical treatment (especially for the delivery of babies)

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When removing a tick in EAC, the tick should be removed in one piece by grasping at its head or at its legs, if its head is embedded in the skin, without crushing its abdomen with alligator forceps (7).
How the novel technique work: we removed part of the wall of the cyst via alligator forceps. After performing this technique we infused the uterus with antibiotics (2gm Ampicillin diluted with 14cc of sterile water).
Seven patients underwent removal of the occluded stent with alligator forceps and replacement with a new ARMS.
Under direct visualization with the flexible laryngoscope, the postcricoid region was explored with an alligator forceps. No evidence of the foreign body could be visualized or palpated.
Anesthesia is not usually necessary for IUD removal with alligator forceps or an IUD hook, although it may be appropriate in select patients.
More commonly used tools include rat tooth forceps, alligator forceps, retrieval nets, protector hoods, and overtubes [6, 7].
Otologic Alligator Forceps: This can be used to remove easily graspable objects such as paper, stickers, foam, felt and cotton.