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an extractor consisting of a pair of pincers used in medical treatment (especially for the delivery of babies)

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Tools such as alligator forceps and IUD hooks can aid device removal when the strings are not palpable
Several attempts were made to remove the foreign body with different types of forceps like alligator forceps, basket forceps, biopsy forceps; but the foreign body could not be retrieved as there was a web like projection nearby.
Seeing a dumbbell-shaped ear mold fragment straddling the facial ridge and closely abutting the underlying mastoid bowel (figure, B), the physicians carefully turned it over, en bloc, in an anterior-to-posterior direction using a micro alligator forceps.
Multiple attempts to grasp the needle using long alligator forceps (1050 cm; Olympus) were unsuccessful because of the smooth surface of the needle.
This can easily be avoided with a small myringotomy and removal of the tube with an alligator forceps.