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Synonyms for alleyway

Synonyms for alleyway

a narrow street with walls on both sides

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"Rather than people taking them to the end of the alleyways, we will be taking them from people's back gates and returning them afterwards."
The footage was revealed as a major programme of works to repair 100-year-old alleyways, drains and sewers in areas suffering from rat-infestation problems get underway.
Much of daily life can be gleaned along streets and alleyways, and this series hopes to encourage exploration beyond the typical tourist attractions.
Neighbours in the St Michael's ward have signed a petition stating that groups congregate around St Anne & All Saints Church and in the alleyways behind Strathmore Avenue, with some taking drugs and causing trouble.
Barnett said public alleyways are sprinkled throughout the community, and some residents in other neighborhoods have complained about people cutting through neighborhoods.
"We would try to hide from him, but we would always bump into him in different alleyways in the village.
AMARKET town's ancient alleyways - which were celebrated in a book by a local author - have been sign-posted to help residents and visitors take a fascinating trip down memory lane.
Urban alleyways are often seen as threatening places, yet in some areas greenfingered residents have filled them with plants.
* RBAN alleyways in this country have often been seen as threatening places - dark, lined with brick walls or fences, with no colour and plenty of possibilities for crime.
Bring out the young to protect all alleyways and districts.
Between April last year and July this year, the BAIT project transformed 24 alleyways in the town.
Three alleyways in Holly Lane, formerly the site of fly-tipping and anti-social behaviour, have undergone a clean-up and are now benefiting from extra security measures.
A council supremo to oversee requests to block off alleyways in Cardiff plagued by anti-social behaviour has still to start work - seven months after funding was set aside.
"For centuries, its [the Arab world's] ramparts may have been woefully inadequate and its people unable to ward off foreign armies, but its alleyways have always been bewildering to strangers from afar."