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Synonyms for alley

Synonyms for alley

a narrow street with walls on both sides

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a lane down which a bowling ball is rolled toward pins

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That I could escape the village I was not at all sure; but of one thing I was positive; that it would do neither Ajor nor myself any service to remain where I was and be captured; so with Nobs, bloody but happy, following at heel, I turned down the first alley and slunk away in the direction of the northern end of the village.
Slowly he descended the ladder to the seemingly deserted alley which was paved with what appeared to be large, round cobblestones.
Then, again, whom was he waiting for that night, and why was he waiting for him in the yew alley rather than in his own house?
And so he dragged himself to the ENQUIRER alley, sick in body and soul, but learning the long patience, to confront his eternal enemy, Cheese-Face, who was just as sick as he, and just a bit willing to quit if it were not for the gang of newsboys that looked on and made pride painful and necessary.
Came the day when he dragged himself into the ENQUIRER alley, and there was no Cheese-Face.
de Beaufort, broke the seal, and began to read, while walking about in the first steel-chill rays of dawn, in the dark alley of old limes, marked by the still visible footsteps of the comte who had just died.
The word "alley" comes from an old French word for "walking," and in older cities, that's just how alleys were used.
The Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) have launched DC Clean Alley, an initiative aimed at beautifying Ward 8 alleys to create a safer, more attractive environment.
Such is the intrinsic value of small-town Arkansas alleys.
Presently, much of the city's rainwater falls on alleys and streets, where it becomes polluted before flowing through the city's storm sewers to creeks and rivers.
Which of the four alleys is east of the Appalachians?
At the same time, a John Tracy had alleys at 45 Mechanic St.
11) will create a massive vacuum in the fight to clean up the back alleys in Gresham, Middlehaven, University, North Ormesby and Linthorpe wards.
The city government of Tehran says it intends to eventually widen all of Tehran narrow alleyways until they are all at least six meters (20 feet) wide, which would mean tearing down thousands of buildings that line alleys.