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Mark Roughley, one of the Alley Cats and Kittens volunteers, said: "Her condition is now improving and now her dressings are down to only one on her legs, and her pads are starting to heal and she is certainly on the road to recovery."
Dave Brian, from the Alley Cats band, said he has been under great pressure from fans to organise another concert.
Cat enthusiasts will want to consider the plight of the common alley cat in URBAN TAILS; INSIDE THE HIDDEN WORLD OF ALLEY CATS, which pairs fine photos by Knox with text by Sara Neeley.
The unedifying spectacle of two Cardiff schoolgirls fighting like hormonal alley cats was seen across the planet.
AFTER staging the Olympics with animals BBC1 had planned to do X Factor with alley cats. Luckily Soapstar Superstar got there first.
Charles Livingston Bull's alley cats bring to mind the lines of Orlando Dobbin's diatribe in A Dithyramb on Cats: Confound the cats!
Written in 42 chapters Curious Creatures--Wondrous Waifs my life with animals opens with 'A Snake, a Rat, and Two Alley Cats', moves on to give the reader a peek into other animals who have enriched author Kostro's life and ends with 'Memories Will Have to Do.' In addition to the many critters Kostro has known he weaves a bit of his own family history into the work as he outlines his childhood home and the grandparents, parents and others who peopled his world.
The following donated $100 or more to the DAV Auxiliary Service Fund: National Order of Alley Cats; DAVA State Departments of Arizona., District of Columbia, Missouri, New Jersey, North Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia; DAVA Unit 2, Ariz.; DAVA Unit 4, Fla.; DAVA Unit 53, Ill.; DAVA Unit 19, Ind.; DAVA Unit 3, Maine, DAVA Unit 2, Mo.; and DAVA Unit 84, Texas; and Sue Hollingsworth.
'Alley cats turned into pussy cats,' was moderator Jim Cremin's succinct summing-up of the situation.
He makes friends with the alley cats and at night he dreams of Jalal, who teaches him the seven skills that are like martial arts that will help him save his family and the city cats from the wicked Gentleman and show him that he is indeed the quintessential Blue.
He played with the Alley Cats and with the Heartfixers.
Consider the Eyes (Take a Quaalude Now), Weirdos (We've Got the Neutron Bomb), and The Alley Cats (Nothing Means Nothing Anymore)--there's no pre-packaging to jam into a marketing slot, just bruises, backyard parties, lipstick smears, and raw strips of songs that virtually spurt blood that you'll want to play again and again.
Stomp is like watching human alley cats. The cast of 12 use whatever they can, from brooms to dustbin lids, plastic bags to disused drums, water-cooler bottles to old pipes, and even from cups to kitchen sinks, to re-create sounds, rhythm and atmosphere.
'The only cheering thing about the Nice shambles was the spectacle of all those countries squabbling like alley cats. If this is a superstate, I am the King of Prussia' - Playwright Keith Waterhouse.
It is eerily quiet for an Eastern city, with only a handful of small, Indian-run shops, a few poor immigrant families, and tribes of skinny alley cats. It is also one of the cleanest cities, since the earthen streets were paved with polished granite a few years ago.