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thanks to Bill Murray, excellent as the creepiest alley cat in the world of bowling.
Stephen Hone is a hypocrite who has no more principles than an alley cat.
With the arrival of alley cat Thomas O'Malley and the unforgettable sing-a-long song Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat this really hits the spot.
While there's no doubt the star is an excellent sport, Jamie's impromptu singing performance at comic Lenny Beige's cabaret the other night brought to mind a tone-deaf alley cat. Jamie, 28, jumped up on stage at London's Regency Rooms and gave an excruciating rendition of If, sung dead straight to the celebrity-filled audience.
He takes a job as a theatre cat on the advice of his new friend, Oscar the one-eyed alley cat. But keeping the mice in order is the least of his problems.
Douglas Elliman's Fredrik Eklund hosted a celebration at the newly opened Alley Cat Amateur Theatre located in The Beekman Hotel.
Heartland Animal Shelter Bow-WOW and Alley Cat Bowling: 5:30 p.m.
On the first day of New York's first women's fashion week since the sexual harassment watershed exploded last October, just weeks after the Spring 2018 shows were presented, the Ford woman of Fall/Winter 2018 is an alley cat, a superwoman with a 'Pussy Power' purse.
Julie has alerted me to the organization Pierre's Alley Cat Society (PACS).
In 2013, The Alley Cat Lounge at Five O'Clock Steakhouse opened as a live music and event venue, attracting top local and national musicians.
Instruction begins when Bodacious Scurvy, the town's notorious alley cat, crosses Oliver's path and gives him an idea.
Alley Cat Bar Limited - the former operator of Alley Cat at 46 Church Lane, Belfast city centre - was fined PS950 at the city's Magistrates Court yesterday.
Synopsis: Skilley, an alley cat with an embarrassing secret, longs to escape his street-cat life.
He advertised "the world's only cherry coloured cat", which was no more than a black alley cat that, he explained, was the colour of black cherries.
Alley Cat Ink in Penarth have kindly offered the use of their shop, which will be open from 10am until 5pm (late night Friday 7pm).