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Synonyms for alley

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Synonyms for alley

a narrow street with walls on both sides

Related Words

a lane down which a bowling ball is rolled toward pins

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Just a brief glimpse of his immediate surroundings vouchsafed Bradley before he was whisked into the interior of one of the buildings; but in that momentary glance he saw strange piles of stone and wood and mud fashioned into buildings of all conceivable sizes and shapes, sometimes piled high on top of one another, sometimes standing alone in an open court-way, but usually crowded and jammed together, so that there were no streets or alleys between them other than a few which ended almost as soon as they began.
He saw now that there were what might be called streets or alleys, but they ran in baffling turns and twists, nor ever reached a destination, always ending in a dead wall where some Wieroo had built a house across them.
The streets and alleys were short and crooked and there were many areas where buildings had been wedged in so closely that no light could possibly reach the lowest tiers, the entire surface of the ground being packed solidly with them.
For the side grounds, you are to fill them with variety of alleys, private, to give a full shade, some of them, wheresoever the sun be.
For the main garden, I do not deny, but there should be some fair alleys ranged on both sides, with fruit-trees; and some pretty tufts of fruittrees, and arbors with seats, set in some decent order; but these to be by no means set too thick; but to leave the main garden so as it be not close, but the air open and free.
I thought my quest had brought me into a strange old haunted forest, and that I had thrown myself down to rest at the gnarled mossy root of a great oak-tree, while all about me was nought but fantastic shapes and capricious groups of gold-green bole and bough, wondrous alleys ending in mysterious coverts, and green lanes of exquisite turf that seemed to have been laid down in expectation of some milk-white queen or goddess passing that way.
When they get done washing, they sit in the alleys and nurse their cubs.
Here are a few of the groups at the heart of Middlesbrough's emerging green movement: ||Alley Pals, Gresham In 2009, Middlesbrough Council set up the Back Alley Improvement Team (BAIT) which worked at improving Gresham's alleyways.
The Alley will open its first Philippine branch at SM Mall of Asia.
A guard of honor was lined up for the German Chancellor at the Alley of Martyrs.
Anthony recalled the details of that fateful night for Fox Carolina: "I went to crack the door open and they barged, at least two of them, barged through the door and knocked me through the wall." Anthony said his girlfriend fired two shots at Alley while they were in the midst of a life-and-death battle in the living room.
We cut down the Rappoport Alley, but we'll plant new alley.
Max Alley's reputation as a top preferred developer is founded in the hundreds of successful Build-to-Suit, Fee Development and Construction projects they've completed in over 12 States.
Charles Hiroshi Garret contributes to our understanding of American identity in Struggling to Define a Nation, where he discusses the eclecticism and variability of American music through analyses of different genres, including Tin Pan Alley tunes.
Parker's colleague Chris Vignes called the alley "a total grease trap." (As the city's public information officer, Vignes has a way with words.) The city administration identified the alley as a common site of illegal dumping.