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Synonyms for alleviate

Synonyms for alleviate

to make less severe or more bearable

Synonyms for alleviate

provide physical relief, as from pain

make easier

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McMillin (2006), Noronha and D'Cruz (2009a), Ramesh (2004) and Singh and Pandey (2005) state that agents also consumed a lot of tea and coffee to stay awake and remain alert, especially during night shifts while cigarettes and alcohol served as stress alleviators and to counter insomnia on weekly and public holidays.
So it acts like a huge pressure to keep charities from being involved, politically, in Canadian life, except as alleviators of suffering.
A pharmacist who does not question the use of pharmaceuticals as alleviators of symptoms, may expect that a CM professional will or should act in a similar way, using CMs to treat illness symptomatically.
Collectively, marine phytoplankton have influenced life on earth more than any other organism, since they are significant alleviators of greenhouse gases, major manufacturers of oxygen, and the primary producers of the marine food web.
Crucially, SPs have so far proved to be as politically acceptable to electorates as they have been effective as poverty alleviators.