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Synonyms for alleviator

a therapist who makes suffering more endurable

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remedy that alleviates pain without curing

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The guilt induced by having full stomachs and a decent roof over our heads while a walking-skeleton stares back at us is just a knee-jerk away from the wallet, that great conscience alleviator.
We have to investigate the prospects of small, dynamic and flexible nations serving as assistants, specialists, interpreters, mediators, alleviators, enablers .
McMillin (2006), Noronha and D'Cruz (2009a), Ramesh (2004) and Singh and Pandey (2005) state that agents also consumed a lot of tea and coffee to stay awake and remain alert, especially during night shifts while cigarettes and alcohol served as stress alleviators and to counter insomnia on weekly and public holidays.
A pharmacist who does not question the use of pharmaceuticals as alleviators of symptoms, may expect that a CM professional will or should act in a similar way, using CMs to treat illness symptomatically.
Drug-level Measurement: Embracing Mental Alleviators (Thirteenth International Bioanalytical Forum, Chromatographic Society), August 31-September 3,1999, Guildford, United Kingdom.