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Synonyms for alleviator

a therapist who makes suffering more endurable

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remedy that alleviates pain without curing

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In the first prayer to the body of Christ, the Takamiya poet inserts "Be thow oure socour/ in oure separacion" (1.5) to create the B-rhyme for "oracion" and "saluacion" but also to emphasize the eucharistic union with Christ as an alleviator of the reader's earthly separation from the divine presence.
"Nevertheless I ama strong believer that keeping active is a good alleviator of the problem and that far too many people believe that being inactive solves the problem when it can actually make matters worse."
Following a brief look at the literature it became apparent that humour is used constructively in many healthcare settings across the USA as an alleviator of stress.
destabilizing event, initial act to alleviate destabilization, testing of alleviator) in narrative sequences of events that go from the disruption of a prevailing state of affairs to the establishment of another such state, from the onset of a problem to its (successful or non-successful) resolution.
In his obituary of her in 1939, Xuma referred to Maxeke as "a woman of refinement, culture and education; a devoted wife, a loving mother, a fine judge of human nature, a sympathetic healer and an alleviator of human misery." (26) He gave no hint of her political activities, which were manifold, including philanthropic work, activity as a delegate to ANC conferences, and participation in the Johannesburg Joint Councils.
Above all, for net food buyers-who are a growing majority of the urban poor, and in Asia and Latin America they are also the rural poor-"high prices in years of low output" are the cause of strain fro m these damaging fluctuation-stresses, not its alleviator.
"We are living in the age of big things," (32) says a character in Caryl's New Era, a utopian hodgepodge whose final subtitle proclaims, characteristically for the Great Trust genre, that it is "based on practical and successful business methods." This sense of big things leads Caryl to report that his proposal "will be called The New Era Union, and the man who proposes it has such faith in its ultimate success as an alleviator of the burdens of the laboring classes that he is going ahead on his own responsibility to incorporate a company with a capital stock of $10,000,000" (5).
And, harbinger of this, what an alleviator is sleep, which muzzles all these dogs for me every day!