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Synonyms for alleviate

Synonyms for alleviate

to make less severe or more bearable

Synonyms for alleviate

provide physical relief, as from pain

make easier

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It also helped alleviate the burdens borne Syria's neighbour countries that host large number of refugees, providing them with economic support, humanitarian aid and relief programmes that contribute to alleviating the great humanitarian burden, in addition to the establishment of camps that cover all the basic needs and necessities.
So, if you're all about "alleviating suffering" then you're in good company, but you're all about everything ...
BEIRUT: The Arab Labor Organization conference, which concluded in Beirut Thursday, said expanding social security networks was the key to fostering stability and alleviating the economic consequences of political and financial turmoil across the region.
"We are excited about these findings and our next step would be to see how this plant and the compounds from this plant may be effective against colon cancer, alleviating colon cancer or preventing the onset of colon cancer," Dey said.
The assistance to Serbia (maximum 200 million as a loan facility), Bosnia-Herzegovina (maximum amount of 100 million in the form of a loan facility) and Armenia (maximum of 65 million in the form of a loan facility and a maximum of 35 million as a grant) is designed to support the countries' economic stabilisation and alleviating their balance of payments and budgetary needs.
Recruitment of nurses into the academic world may be the most important factor in alleviating the nursing faculty shortage.
compile 12 essays that address the problem of youth violence in the US and propose strategies and techniques for alleviating it.
Al Khonji said by holding this meeting, OCCI would like to know the status of private schools and the challenges faced by them to reach solutions that contribute to alleviating the price hike, particularly in educational services rendered by such schools.
While critics say the boom in prescription sleeping tablets is a result of the hundreds of millions of dollars drug companies have spent to convince consumers that these medications are the best way to alleviate their sleeplessness, proponents note that prescription formulas are very effective for alleviating occasional bouts of insomnia.
For alleviating skeletal pain caused by degeneration of bone, joints, or ligaments.
The cost of music lessons has also been held to be deductible if the lessons were of therapeutic value and prescribed for the sole purpose of alleviating a diagnosed condition; see Rev.
In a trial, the partners confirmed that fabrics treated with finely-emulsified HFS reduce friction with skin, alleviating skin dryness and itching.
They discuss how to address the array steering vector uncertainty within a clear theoretical framework, alleviating the finite sample size effect, the signal waveform estimation, constant modulus algorithms, and robust wideband beamforming.
Because most students can name the teacher they believed caused their anxiety, the exact moment when it happened and the event that triggered the anxiety in the classroom, an examination of teacher attitudes, curriculum, pedagogy, the classroom culture, and assessment is crucial to understanding and alleviating the problem.