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(of pain or sorrow) made easier to bear

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His distress was by no means alleviated by an inclination to disbelieve the reality of this experience.
A doctor came, our lot was alleviated as far as physical comforts go, but otherwise he could not be consoled--poor man.
In some cases, the pain from a pinched nerve can be alleviated through spinal manipulation or therapy.
Ladsous, who came to assess the situation, also pointed out that the UN Security Council might reconsider prolonging the observers' mission if the violence was alleviated and the use of heavy weapons was lessened.
The company says that 70% of the customers who have bought Siki-Sokai felt that the hay fever symptoms were alleviated by taking the product.
Research indicates that mathematic performance improves when anxiety is alleviated (Ashcraft, 2002) and when anxiety is not an issue, students will not seek to avoid the subject.
One group is predatory and the oppressed must exist because if they did not or their suffering alleviated then this group would have no agenda.
Over 3 1/2 days, Westbrook alleviated Robert's pain and prepared the couple emotionally and spiritually for death.
While neuropathic pain doesn't respond to conventional anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, it can sometimes be alleviated with narcotics.
Facilities should be cautioned that they are ultimately responsible for their own compliance, and that responsibility is not alleviated in cases where notification about the acceptability of their plan of correction is not made in timely fashion.
The problem is alleviated in this volume by the fact that all the papers came from one Yale conference (most of the authors of the twenty-two chapters are Yale-connected professionals).