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Synonyms for management

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Synonyms for management

authoritative control over the affairs of others

the careful guarding of an asset

an act or instance of guiding

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Synonyms for management

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The suggested retail price of $49.95 includes the cost of the lab analysis, report and personalized allergy management plan.
The good news is that allergy management is changing.
I was concerned about some of the information on diet, weaning and allergy management. The book recommends the use of goat's or sheep's milk for babies with allergies, which is not recommended for infants under one year.
Aeroallergen test results would provide more in-depth information on the types of allergic triggers which may affect the condition and provide the basis for an asthma or allergy management plan throughout the year.
The book concludes with a section outlining the main therapeutic principles for treating allergy, with chapters focusing on pharmacotherapy, immunotherapy, and allergen avoidance, plus new and emerging therapies that may form the basis of allergy management in the future.
Researchers found that stress levels and daily activities-especially meal preparation, social events and school attendance-were significantly impacted by food allergy management strategies.
For those Otolaryngologists concerned about "ruffling feathers," particularly those of our GI colleagues, it is worth remembering that some friction has accompanied many advances in our field, including Head and Neck Cancer Surgery, Facial Plastic Surgery, Cleft Palate Surgery, Allergy Management, and others.
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