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Synonyms for allergy

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Peanut & Nut Allergy: "No Nuts" and "No Peanuts" allergy alert labels that can be used anywhere to warn of an allergy.
In the past, parents have been advised that, to stop young children developing food allergies, they should prevent them eating foods that commonly cause the allergy such as dairy products, eggs, nuts and fish.
gov/news-events/nih-sponsored-expert-panel-issues-clinical-guidelines-prevent-peanut-allergy) guidelines released by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Thursday, an expert panel recommended feeding kids at "high risk" of a peanut allergy - evidenced by severe eczema, an egg allergy or both- foods containing peanuts as early as between the ages of four months and six months.
Food allergy is a malfunction of the immune system in response to dietary antigens (Beyer and Teuber, 2004).
Lee joins Hudson Allergy to continue the practice's recent growth and further Hudson Allergy's mission of providing patients with world-class, expert medical care in a comfortable and inviting environment.
This article reviews the impact of allergy and asthma, diagnostic options, "the allergy march," and ongoing research.
The partners' Allergy Tracker gives information about pollen counts and is a tool for allergy sufferers to access weather analysis that might help them manage their symptoms.
The prevalence of food allergy varies significantly based on geographical region, allergens tested, diagnostic criteria, population age and concurrent atopic conditions.
Allergy occurs when our immune system decides (for unknown reasons) to respond aggressively to something harmless, and allergy often involves a special type of antibody called IgE antibodies.
In light of the major impact that milk allergy can have on a child's life, accurate diagnosis is critical.
To mark Allergy Week this week, the charity has released research showing people affected by allergies often feel let down by the NHS.
Our bodies can EoACAytalk' through its energetic signals, something which can be picked up and translated by specific Quantum analogies, a non-invasive allergy testing tool, to provide valuable information about allergies and sensitivities.
The New Zealand Clinical Immunology and Allergy Group (NZCIAG)--Nurses Division has developed practice recommendations for nurses working in the allergy field.
And 51% of women have at least one allergy compared with 37% of men, according to the study.
To evaluate the relationship between peanut allergy and asthma morbidity in school-age children, researchers followed 160 American children, aged between 5 and 8 years.