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a physician skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies

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While the allergy-prone sniff and sneeze, allergists and pharmaceutical companies literally are banking on the misery of others.
Scott Frankel, a Kansas City allergist, said even medical professionals and researchers can't find out exactly what's in some products.
Pollen levels are at their peak during daylight hours, and allergists recommend avoiding outside activities until evening.
Some allergists advise their patients that they should eat only food that they prepare themselves.
May is Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month and San Fernando Valley allergists will conduct free asthma screenings -- for children and adults -- Saturday, May 10, at the Porter Ranch Wal Mart Store located in Chatsworth/Northridge from 10:00 a.
In addition to the summit, The Network will partner with board-certified allergists to host asthma and allergy screenings at educational outreach events in San Antonio the weekend of Nov.
Allergists have known the prevalence of allergies among asthmatic children is high at 60 to 80 percent, but it was thought allergies were not as common in asthmatic adults," said allergist Paula Busse, MD, lead study author.
Educating emergency department providers about [injectors] and their use, and indications for referral to allergists should be reemphasized," wrote Dr.
With the arrival of spring, allergists now warn against a heightened season of nasal drips, reddened eyes and itchy hives.
And allergists know why pollen makes people sneeze: the body's immune system is releasing a lot of inflammatory cells, including neutrophils and eosinophils, in response to the invading pollen proteins.
Although allergists are well equipped to treat [chronic rhinosinusitis], they are often overlooked as consultants," she said.
JCOPD will be published twice a year for a range of medical professionals, including primary care and family practice physicians, cardiologists, allergists, nurses, respiratory therapists and thoracic surgeons.
But only six major centres staffed by consultant allergists offer a full-time service with expertise in all types of allergic problems.
I met allergists and infectious disease specialists and answered all their questions.
Traditionally, allergists recommend that expectant parents who .