allergic eczema

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eczema caused by an allergic reaction

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However, in the present study we observed only partial association between the main metabolite of BBzP and eczema at 5 y of age, even in boys with allergic eczema. In our study the metabolites of DiBP and DiNP were significantly associated with early-onset and late-onset eczema as well as ever eczema in boys.
"We'd learnt to manage her condition quite well but then I developed allergic eczema from black hair dye PPD.
BARTON replies: I assume this is allergic eczema as this is very common in this breed.
A $1.1 million Health Research Council effort will study the prevention and treatment of allergic eczema in infants and children in New Zealand.
Atopic, or allergic eczema, is triggered by allergens such as house dust mite.
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