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Synonyms for allergic

having an allergy or peculiar or excessive susceptibility (especially to a specific factor)

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Also, contact dermatitis can be an overlay on preexisting allergic dermatitis, so patch testing can still be helpful for these children.
THOMAS BEATTIE, Haydon Bridge A: April to August is a common time for allergies to present and a lot of dogs visiting veterinary practices with hair loss during these months are due to allergic dermatitis.
Allergic dermatitis - black henna (para-phenylenediamine)use among the East Africanpatient population in a general practice setting.
Allergic dermatitis presumably due to metallic foreign bodies containing nickel or cobalt.
It offers patients access dermatologic treatments for surgical and non-surgical procedures and treats a number of skin conditions including allergic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne and eczema.
Exclusion criteria included lower extremity pain caused by other diseases, history of allergic dermatitis, diabetic foot ulcers, and current use of other medications for diabetic neuropathy.
Table 1: Signs and symptoms of nickel allergy (14) Intraoral Extraoral Stomatitis from mild to severe Generalized urticaria erythema Papula-perioral rash Widespread eczema Loss of taste or metallic taste Flareup of allergic dermatitis Burning sensation Exacerbation of preexisting eczema Soreness at the side of the tongue Angular cheilitis Severe gingivitis in the absence of plaque
Contact irritant and allergic dermatitis are frequently seen as the feet are frequently exposed to potential sources of irritation and can be affected by contact dermatitis.
Dental materials based on methacrylate and its polymer appear to be a significant reason for con- tact dermatitis aggravation of skin conditions eyes or mucous membranes allergic dermatitis asthma and paresthesia in the fingers.
In addition to PPD induced acute allergic dermatitis, uncommon presentations such as pigmentary changes too have been ascribed to its use.
The gluten-free nonstaining gel and spray work without risk of aggravating allergic dermatitis and have lower sensitizing risks than products containing benzocaine or antihistamines.
Available at such retail chains as Walgreens and Rite Aid, physician-recommended Itch-X Gel can help relieve irritated or dry, itchy skin without the risk of aggravating allergic dermatitis.
These are fleas, allergic dermatitis, and lick granulomas.
Allergic Dermatitis -- this is a very rare presentation.
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