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any substance that can cause an allergy

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These processing methods may induce protein modification, altering its intrinsic allergenicity through protein aggregation via disulfides or other interchain covalent bonds; all structural changes at the protein level may induce a concomitant disappearance or appearance of new IgE-binding epitopes [10-12].
Reduced and alkylated (R/A) Pru p 3 significantly diminished antigenicity and allergenicity, but retained T-cell immunogenicity [11].
Although there is plenty of space for other necessary experiments to confirm this tannin action to decrease or to eliminate latex allergenicity, the results provided by TARRC analysis open a new research approach to deal with this important subject.
New products should be assessed for their "allergenicity", researchers said after they found that exposure to such enzymes can sensitise those who encounter them in the workplace.
Department of Agriculture (USDA), the intensity of an allergic reaction depends on three interrelated factors: how much pollen a given species emits into the air, the duration of exposure, and the allergenicity of the pollen.
According to our data the wastes of sera production are a promising initial biomaterial for trypsin-like protease inhibitor obtain with antiviral properties and lower allergenicity.
A few prerequisites are considered in the evaluation of a potential allergenicity. To provoke such reaction, the allergen should penetrate the stratum corneum at sufficient levels and interact with carrier proteins in the skin.
Today, there is increasing concern about the safety of human food because of the potential for GM foods to lead to allergenicity and toxicity.
"Our research is just a starting point, but it does begin to suggest how chemical modifications in allergenic proteins occur and how they may affect allergenicity."
For instance, the step involving the process of selection of organisms and the transfer of recombinant DNA and transgenic materials (Step 2 of Figure 1) the rules related to microorganism use, general biosafety guidelines, DNA safety guidelines and evaluation of allergenicity and toxicity are the primary aspects applicable.
Protein stability largely determines allergenicity. Components that are easily denatured by heat or digestive enzymes generally pose less of a risk than components that remain stable.
The study provides insights into whether tannic acid can be used during food processing to reduce the allergenicity of peanut-based foods and beverages.
He said most species of pollens had some level of allergenicity.