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any substance that can cause an allergy

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Lopez-Exposito I, Chicon R, Belloque J, LopezFandino R, Berin MC (2012) In vivo methods for testing allergenicity show that high hydrostatic pressure hydrolysates of [beta]-lactoglobulin are immunologically inert.
The objective data produced as experimental results, which are to be taken in support of the view that tannin is providing structurally positive changes in the NRL in the two proposals, namely latex bio protection and a decrease in allergenicity, are as follows:
Analyses revealed the importance of hydrolysis in augmenting the allergenicity of wheat proteins through contact or consumption.
We may find that urban populations from a particular demographic might be disproportionately affected by how climate change affects allergenicity," she says.
Search of the material from which the drug with high antiviral activity (inhibitor of trypsin-like proteinase) can be obtained, and at the same time having the lowest allergenicity to humans, drew our attention and made us conduct studies of human blood, and the wastes of serum production for the presence there of serine proteinases and their inhibitors.
Our research is just a starting point, but it does begin to suggest how chemical modifications in allergenic proteins occur and how they may affect allergenicity.
For instance, the step involving the process of selection of organisms and the transfer of recombinant DNA and transgenic materials (Step 2 of Figure 1) the rules related to microorganism use, general biosafety guidelines, DNA safety guidelines and evaluation of allergenicity and toxicity are the primary aspects applicable.
Protein stability largely determines allergenicity.
The study provides insights into whether tannic acid can be used during food processing to reduce the allergenicity of peanut-based foods and beverages.
He said most species of pollens had some level of allergenicity.
Among the topics are which foods cause food allergy and how food allergy is treated, how to determine thresholds clinically, celiac disease and risk management of gluten, how caterers can keep allergic consumers happy and safe, the importance of food allergy training for environmental health service professionals, the effect of processing on the allergenicity of foods, and regulatory controls for food allergens.
Tsukuba, Japan, Oct 3, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - Titanium (Ti) and its alloys are the most popular materials used in orthopedic implants because of their good mechanical and chemical properties, biocompatibility, corrosion resistance and low allergenicity.
Vytex NRL supplier Vystar Corporation (OTC Pink:VYST) said on Thursday that the European Patent Office issued a Decision to Grant its patent application under European Patent Number 1 902 089 titled "Decreasing Allergenicity of Natural Latex Rubber Prior to Vulcanization" greatly expanding its territory under its intellectual property portfolio.
From the standpoint of allergenicity and efficacy, parabens are close to ideal.
This means that the safety of these specific GM crops should be assessed on a case-by-case basis, following the Codex Alimentarius guidelines for determining their safety, including toxicity, allergenicity and nutritional quality, or assessment of any nutritional claim," it stated.