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any substance that can cause an allergy

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What your friend told you was the standard advice of pediatricians to mothers since the year 2000 when on the notion that if allergenic foods were avoided until children were older, allergies won't develop.
Small amounts of allergenic products such as protein extracts, purified allergens, and modified allergens have been administered through oral, sublingual, epicutaneous, or subcutaneous routes to induce immune tolerance against different allergies (Beyer, 2012).
Those with allergenic activity from fraction 2 were applied to a 1.5x18 cm column of Sephadex G-75(Amersham) that was equilibrated with PBS 0.01 mol/L (pH 7.0).
According to Northumberland County Council, any caterer with concerns about allergenic ingredients should visit the Food Standards Agency website at or contact Trading Standards on 01670 623870.
It was assumed that the concentration of the allergenic protein varies with the color of the ripe fruit, the state of growth, and the processing method.
Positive test results during an IDT more frequently occur with strong allergenic concentrations (dilutions #3, #2 or #1).
In evaluating the significance of these data, scientidsts would need to compare the allergenic potential of an engineered food to that of currently marketed food allergens such as peanuts, soybeans, milk and eggs, says Stephen L.
The study shows geraniol by itself to be only slightly allergenic.
The so-called ELISA test (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), for example, detects specific allergenic proteins, which trigger antibodies and cause color changes relating to the amount of allergen in the sample.
With knowledge of the protein structure of the allergens, researchers may be able to eliminate the genes that express the allergenic proteins from genetically modified vegetables.
FAO worries about creating new toxins or transferring allergenic compounds from one species to another, which could result in unexpected allergic reactions.
Health professionals and consumer organizations are most concerned about the potential allergenic effects of genetically engineered foods.
In May 2002, Senator Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Representative Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) introduced companion bills that: amend section 403 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to impose new labeling requirements for allergenic substances in foods by Jan.
The list of allergenic food ingredients included in Annex IIIa shall be systematically re-examined and updated as required, on the basis of the most recent scientific knowledge.
Dr Chung found each process creates additional compounds of proteins and carbohydrates which become more allergenic when they are mixed.