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any substance that can cause an allergy

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Although the data are not unequivocal, researchers believe this increasingly close contact between humans and pets and the resulting higher allergen exposures might be a reason for the increase in pet allergies.
Textile-finishing innovator Devan Chemicals ( recently launched a technology to make textiles free from allergens shed by cats and dogs.
This is because Steam removes the extra step of worrying about invisible allergens and suffering from allergies.
In the treatment group, allergen biological waves were reversed and amplified through corresponding programs according to the results of allergen detection and electromagnetic waves, and then input into the body for targeted desensitization therapy which was performed twice a week (about 30 minutes each time) for four consecutive weeks.
In the SPT, the allergen is deposited on the surface of the skin.
From a skin perspective, parabens are "perhaps the safest" preservative, but despite that they have a bad public reputation Donald V Belsito, MD, said in his Allergen of the Year talk during the Society's annual meeting held the day before the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology.
Pet Allergen Reducer is a first of its kind all natural supplement that reduces the Can f 1 protein in your dog's saliva, and Fel d 1 protein in your cats saliva and skin.
Researchers examined levels of eight common household allergens: cats, dogs, cockroaches, mice, rats, mold and two types of dust mite allergens.
To provide a more-complete picture, the research team compared allergen exposure and previously reported sensitization patterns from this survey.
There was sensitization to the main birch allergen component rBet v 1 in the majority of SAR patients examined (N = 24).
First, it implies that no level of allergen is present within the product.
This work gathers researchers and practitioners in allergen detection, nutrition sciences, agricultural research, food manufacturing, and food allergy research to ponder the question.
These features make the kit a valuable tool for checking latex allergens content in a completely lab-free environment, i.e., manufacturing factories, allowing on-site allergen monitoring during or immediately after production.
24 recall for pork sausage by Olympia Meats because it contained a tree nut allergen that was not declared on the label, ( Nature's One has recalled its PediaSmart Soy Vanilla Beverage Mix because of a possible milk allergen that was also not listed on the label.
To explain an allergic reaction, the Dr said the body's immune system reacted to an allergen such as pollen or dust mites as if it were harmful.