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a shout or song of praise to God

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A relative abundance of neo-Gregorian alleluias exist in Beneventan sources, due in part to the relatively late expansion of the genre and also to factors idiosyncratic to southern Italy, like the copying of multiple alleluias for the most solemn feasts in the calendar.
And yet I do know that as I listened from that door, vividly aware of the man in the hospital bed - and vividly aware of the worlds separating us and connecting us - that the room was filled with a cappella alleluias.
The relative simplicity of the alternating trebles and men's voices in the Alleluia: Veni Sancte Spiritus introduces a succession of contrasting workings of the same theme, all clothed in beautifully intricate counterpoints.
For Palm Sunday in Year C Wenk suggests the choir sing the Alleluia from Jean Berger's jubilant "Brazilian Psalm," but the mood is wrong for this service, and, besides, most churches using the Revised Common Lectionary discourage the singing of alleluias during Lent or Holy Week.
The essay on Roethke describes his "sacramental vision" of things: "Indeed, there is rarely to be found in the literature of our period a body of poetry so predominantly psalmic and doxological as Roethke's: almost everywhere, it seems, the poet's voice is lifted up in jubilant alleluias ...
Taking the middle group of essays first, high praise is due for the treatment given to plainsong in England as exemplified in Andrew Hughes's 'British Rhymed Offices: a Catalogue and Commentary' and David Hiley's 'Post-Pentecost Alleluias in Medieval British Liturgies'.
Series of post-Pentecostal alleluias and of certain responsories can reveal the provenance of liturgical books, because many are unique to individual churches.
When I'm among them I say all the Glorias and Alleluias and Amens, and often I really mean it.
A singer without Allison Bell's power and projection might have been overwhelmed by so much orchestral posturing (which Volkov admittedly did little to minimise), but this remarkable soprano coped with everything thrown at her, grabbing every opportunity for expressive display and, notably in the Alleluias of the first song, rejoicing in the sheer voluptuousness of the music.
A notable feature of the Aquitanian notated fragment is its group of three notated alleluias given for Easter Monday.
Can Easter alleluias resound when we are increasingly asked to silently pay our taxes for grueling war, for new generations of nuclear weapons, for the largest military establishment in the history of the world?
Come for the irrepressible joy that bursts out in alleluias long withheld from a world that could surely use them.
Once again we journey from ashes to alleluias, from "...
Constant's plainsong-inspired Alleluias opened proceedings, then Bolcom's organ work Free Fantasia, based on two gospel tunes, took us on a highly-coloured journey from darkness to light, the gradual crescendo to the end highlighting the vast resources of the Symphony Hall organ, crowned by a blaze of trumpets with full organ tutti.
Easter Sunday begins with a late night of readings, Baptisms, and alleluias, and rounds out with chocolate bunnies and baked ham.