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(genetics) either of a pair (or series) of alternative forms of a gene that can occupy the same locus on a particular chromosome and that control the same character

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Allelism of MCKD, FJHN and GCKD caused by impairment of uromodulin export dynamics.
Allelism among fragments is difficult to ascertain and in fact not often expected, since most fragments have been run off the bottom of the gel to separate and resolve the larger fragments remaining.
Allelism test of the immune/resistant lines such as syn 11, syn 38, syn 44, syn 84, syn 87, XX111, and XX195 with XX41, XX45, and XXll0 to test the identity of the gene in one of these lines with the genes tsn-3, tsn-syn1, and Tsn-syn2 should be undertaken to confirm that they are different.
Inheritance and allelism of resistances to the Russian wheat aphid in seven wheat lines.
The allelism of many of the mutations is not known, and only Hyp, a hypodermis pigment locus, has been genetically mapped (Leon et al.
Inheritance and allelism of mitomycin C- and streptomycin-induced recessive genes for male sterility in cultivated sunflower.
Estimators have been formulated based on measures of allele number (Chakraborty and Neel, 1989), linkage disequilibrium (Laurie-Ahlberg and Weir, 1979; Hill, 1981), allelism of lethal mutations (Dobzhansky and Wright, 1941), fixation rates of chromosomal rearrangements (Lande, 1979), geographic variation in gene frequencies (Dobzhansky and Wright, 1943), and temporal variation in allele frequencies (Krimbas and Tsakas, 1971).
However, to be certain that Rps8 is distinct from Rps3, allelism tests must be performed or the genes must be mapped in the same segregating
This allelism test result is consistent with the map locations of Dn4 on 1DS being independent from Dn6 on 7DS.
Further genetic study is needed to test the allelism with reported resistance genes.
Without completing allelism tests, the phenotype of newly obtained mutants was preliminary related to the mutant collection originating from cv.
Vranceanu (1970) tested for allelism among 10 NMS sources isolated from Romanian germplasm and reported the presence of five independent NMS genes, designated [Ms.
Studies are currently underway to characterize inheritance and allelism and mechanisms of resistance of Biotype 2 RWA resistance among purified selections from these germplasm accessions.