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cervus of various years (N stands for sample size, P is a percentage of polymorphic locuses, [A.sub.e] stands for effective number of allelic genes, I is Shannon index; [H.sub.0] stands for medium observed heterozygosity).
The C allelic gene was restricted to 194 bp and 29 bp fragments, on the other hand, the G allelic gene was expressed as 223 bp states without digestion.
These three allelic genes are partially dominant and confer differential reactions to the seven SMV strain groups.
Manipulation of genes located on interchange segments allows production of novel combinations of previously allelic genes. Pyramiding new or additional resistance genes into well adapted oat cultivars has been proposed as a method to provide stable resistance to changing crown rust isolates and prolonging the effectiveness of resistance genes (Chong, 1990; McDaniel, 1992).
Tetrasomic genotypes allow combination of previously allelic genes to form mono- or diallelic gene combinations.