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a brisk and lively tempo

a musical composition or musical passage to be performed quickly in a brisk lively manner

(of tempo) fast

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in a quick and lively tempo

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Last year, Mr Corke's pride-and-joy took top honours at The Festival of the Unexceptional - an anti-Oscars for the motor industry, a cavalcade of Marinas, Vectras, Princesses and, of course, Allegros.
"Our club used to be made up of people lumbered with Allegros," said Mr Corke.
The only major change from the original is the colour: "glacier white" when built, it is now "lagoon blue metallic" - and Colin stressed that is still in keeping with the Allegro heritage.
Honest John described the Allegro's scarcity as "shocking".
? Austin Allegro 1750SS It would be unfair to call the Austin Allegro an ugly duckling.
Now I'm not, very emphatically not, trying to construct a case that the Allegro is a good car.
"I haven't got family," he added, pointing to the two gleaming Allegros on his driveway.
Factory chaplain the Rev Colin Corke, a member of the Austin Allegro Club, said: ``We want it to be a celebration of Longbridge.
More than 600,000 of the much-maligned Allegros rolled off the Longbridge production line over a 10-year period starting in 1973.
"There were rows and rows of lovely, shiny Allegros and here was this car - I thought 'You're a brave chap taking that on'."
Early Allegros featured a "quartic" steering wheel, which was rectangular with rounded sides.
For Mr Patterson's prize is an old Austin Allegro, R-reg, vintage 1977-78.
“Franz's Allegro CL v9.0 release is a major advance,” noted Jason Cornez, CTO, RavenPack.
And leaping off the drawing board came our car for Europe, the Austin Allegro. A big hand for it's long-forgotten stylist, Leyland's very own Harris Mann.
British Leyland models feature prominently and alarming Allegro statistics reveal out of 643,340 vehicles built between 1973 and 1983 only 0.0453 per cent of those produced remain.