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a brisk and lively tempo

a musical composition or musical passage to be performed quickly in a brisk lively manner

(of tempo) fast

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in a quick and lively tempo

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The much-maligned Austin Allegro celebrates its 35th birthday next month with a one-day rally in Kings Norton.
And Andy Cripps, of event organisers Allegro Club International, said many were expected to return to their city of birth for this year's anniversary.
More than 30 Allegro systems have been installed worldwide at leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, currently contributing to screening a total of two million plus assay points per month at these companies.
The Allegro system interconnect design platform brings together all of the existing Cadence technologies for IC package and PCB design, including Allegro PCB SI, in an integrated high-speed design and analysis environment for engineers creating complex digital PCB system and IC package designs.
Intel customers now have a readily available implementation of our newest Pentium(R) 4 processor-based platforms with the Cadence Allegro system interconnect design platform," said Sunil Kumar, Intel's Director of Chipset and Software Marketing.
The Allegro platform provides an optimized, high-performance solution to that problem that delivers significant time and cost savings," said Lavi Lev, executive vice president and general manager, Cadence Design Systems, Inc.
The Allegro platform supports a pioneering co-design methodology that provides for the design, modeling, and analysis of the system interconnect across all three fabrics.
The Allegro Media Server runs as a background application on Macintosh (OS-9, OS-X) and Windows (98, Me, XP, 2000) personal computers and provides a bridge between an iTunes Digital Music Library and the world of networked digital audio players.
is the leading vendor of dynamic object-oriented development tools featuring Allegro Common Lisp and CLOS.
I-Logix was one of the first embedded software solutions companies to make translating concept to code a reality," said Allegro Software Development President Bob Van Andel.
And, AllegroStore, which is layered upon the industry leader, ObjectStore, is a true object-oriented database designed specifically for Allegro CL users.
Allegro is a leading provider of Internet applications and technology for embedded environments.
Franz will also showcase leading-edge applications built with Allegro CL, such as dynamic web servers that offer custom-tailored web pages on demand, and complex solid modeling applications used for rapid prototyping and design of industrial products.