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interpret as an allegory


make into an allegory


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An example of such allegorizing to the purpose of story may be found in "The Bronze David of Donatello" where Jarrell's iterative forms, which reveal the parable of David and Goliath, are liberated via a sequence of similes:
Hence the allegorizing and hence the sonnet genre, for these two fictionalizing strategies allow Rossetti simultaneously to deploy and to contain (expand and contract) his special skill.
Nevertheless, ever since the 1960s there have been thousands of sensitive Christians, who, to their credit, have created a Christian spiritual renewal movement which rejects the teaching of hatred in the Gospel by allegorizing the story and giving greater focus to the Resurrection than to the Crucifixion.
When facing the Apocalypse, Luther included it among his unnumbered NT documents, abandoned his normal historical-critical approach, and resorted to allegorizing the text in a blast against the papacy and the Muslims.
Journeying, seeking, allegorizing, surmising, ever desiring, Bonnefoy's gesture gives over language to being, despite hesitation and unknowing; it is an improbable yet feasible dance of joy with the shadowiness of self and the phenomena of life melting away like snowflakes, as "La voix lointaine" suggests: a dance ever interrogated by its own poetic voice, never considered transcendent of that "responsibility" (read Jean-Paul Avice's fine "La poesie par coeur" in Avec Yves Bonnefoy to be convinced of this so often-questioned feasibility).
The result is a Stoker acutely aware of the structural homologies of nationalism and imperialism, uncomfortable with essentialisms, and increasingly adept at complexly allegorizing his understanding of the politics of ethnicity.
The word `decode' rings alarm bells, as allegorizing texts can produce quite astonishing theories of religious conspiracy: yet Pinciss does not often wander down that enticing alley.
In works by Katie Trumpener and James Chandler, to take two recent examples, the allegorizing impulse has itself become an object for historical critique (as are its implications for the retrospective theorization/narration of socio-cultural developments).
Allegorizing the Song of Songs, Moore argues, did not exempt these commentators from "gender trouble.
Yet To Sleep with Anger refers to this problem in allegorizing the estrangement black men from different economic sectors experience in relation to the dominant culture.
Thus he took a middle path between narrow literalism and historicism on the one hand and excessive allegorizing on the other.
Although Homer's Circe traditionally has epitomized the sensual femme fatale, when Pater in his late novel, Gaston de Latour, compares Queen Marguerite to this goddess, he is drawing upon a little-known allegorizing of Circe by Giordano Bruno.
The picture represented objects in the real world but, as described by the text, it engaged viewers in allegorizing references to the Other World.
Of course, few would disagree with his assertion that the later commentators got rather carried away with their allegorizing.
Because of the artist's Kashmiri descent, Shaw's work is usually read as allegorizing the region's current troubles and idyllic past.