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interpret as an allegory


make into an allegory


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We may take allegorizing first: There came an image in Life's retinue That had Love's wings and bore his gonfalon: Fair was the web, and nobly wrought thereon, O soul-sequestered face, thy form and hue!
Allegorizing the writing process (Charles Grivel), the photographic metaphor also informs Le Revelateur du globe, a work on Columbus overdue for scholarly attention, while Livio Belloi's observation that the 'grand absent' from the technophobic charge sheet was cinematography (p.
Journeying, seeking, allegorizing, surmising, ever desiring, Bonnefoy's gesture gives over language to being, despite hesitation and unknowing; it is an improbable yet feasible dance of joy with the shadowiness of self and the phenomena of life melting away like snowflakes, as "La voix lointaine" suggests: a dance ever interrogated by its own poetic voice, never considered transcendent of that "responsibility" (read Jean-Paul Avice's fine "La poesie par coeur" in Avec Yves Bonnefoy to be convinced of this so often-questioned feasibility).
The word `decode' rings alarm bells, as allegorizing texts can produce quite astonishing theories of religious conspiracy: yet Pinciss does not often wander down that enticing alley.
In works by Katie Trumpener and James Chandler, to take two recent examples, the allegorizing impulse has itself become an object for historical critique (as are its implications for the retrospective theorization/narration of socio-cultural developments).
Charlemagne's ardent concern for liturgical propriety led to reforms but the very concern for proper Latin led in time to a more marked separation of clergy and laity, to new theologies, to allegorizing and new forms of piety.
Yet To Sleep with Anger refers to this problem in allegorizing the estrangement black men from different economic sectors experience in relation to the dominant culture.
Thus he took a middle path between narrow literalism and historicism on the one hand and excessive allegorizing on the other.
While Lincoln is surely right to reject the minute political allegorizing of studies such as those represented by the early work of David Erdman, I felt that the near absence of the contemporary political situation in this study seemed to reduce the sense of Blake as a politically engaged artist.
Although Homer's Circe traditionally has epitomized the sensual femme fatale, when Pater in his late novel, Gaston de Latour, compares Queen Marguerite to this goddess, he is drawing upon a little-known allegorizing of Circe by Giordano Bruno.
Generally rejecting allegorizing or indeed any totalizing readings, Minnis is especially firm in taking the Parliament 'as a performance text, a work meant to open rather than close debate' (312).
After many tribulations, the couple are finally brought together, allegorizing the fundamental unity of love and beauty.
For his part, Henne sees in Hermas' varied allegorizing a common web of interpretation which can be accounted for only by a single redactor (p.
Of course, few would disagree with his assertion that the later commentators got rather carried away with their allegorizing. It strikes me that Cutler's persuasive argument that the bhakti hymns are modeled on puram rather than akam poems could be extended: Manikkavacakar's standard poems could be seen as inspired by the puram tradition, while the Tirukkovaiyar is modeled after the akam tradition.