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interpret as an allegory


make into an allegory


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As Frye noted in The Anatomy of Criticism, "the instant that any critic permits himself to make a genuine comment about a poem (e.g., 'In Hamlet Shakespeare appears to be portraying the tragedy of irresolution') he has begun to allegorize." In the 1970s, Paul de Man showed that criticism undermines its symbolic pretensions by revealing its allegorical dimensions in moments of rhetorical self-consciousness.
This is because "it is a point of reversal where the text as a whole allegorizes what is said in the text about the call of conscience" (p.
Philo allegorizes in order to "answer Jews in his own community who raise questions of theodicy." He is concerned to show that "the innocent should not suffer for the sins of the guilty" (p.
Using Quintilian's definition of "allegory," "allegorize," and "allegorical" (which is quite necessary in comprehending his point), Travis sets out to prove that Oedipus at Colonus as a tragedy can only be understood through what he calls its "choral allegory." By this he means the ways in which the chorus throughout the play can relate to both Oedipus and the audience, while at the same time it helps them relate to each other, all through the use of allegory, which is defined here as an extended, indefinite metaphor.
For C., "the cornerstone of Lutheran hermeneutics" is that the events of salvation history must be "duplicated within the human heart." Thus, in Cantata 121, the descent-ascent harmonic "shape" allegorizes both the historical "incarnation of Jesus" (at the turning of the winter solstice) as well as the "subsequent elevation of humanity through faith in the incarnation" (148-89).
Collecting is thus both a way of attempting to forget the commodified nature of reality, but also, in Benjamin, a way of replicating or imitating that reality, which further illustrates or allegorizes what commodification means.
In many ways, the novel allegorizes the dispossession of blacks in white America.
Ostensibly dealing with smuggling on the German-Dutch border, the play allegorizes the business methods of capitalism, and when it was finally staged on 16 March 1933, after Hitler's seizure of power, its macabre humour, anti-nationalist tenor and left-wing provenance provoked a riot in the largely pro-Nazi audience.
He both allegorizes himself and signals the power of allegory, as a genre, to make sense of otherwise inchoate origins.
In an attempt to promote penitence Hermas allegorizes variously on the narratives of Sim.
"Memorie," 1990, a series of forty nearly identical abstract collages, allegorizes the turbulent past of the artist's homeland as a kind of absence that can be accessed only obliquely, if at all.
While tracing its doubly-conscious protagonist's return to her birth village--Ayane returns to the fictional Mboasu to attend to her dying mother--this complex debut novel allegorizes the rise of a power-hungry leader who wields blood sacrifice to force unity by submission.
If the narrative are of the "Radcliffe-Romance" always concludes with a happy, sanctified marriage, then the Maturin-Romance always allegorizes the terrors of its unhappy, unholy equivalent.
The synchronic time dimension, which is all times simultaneously, allegorizes the process of phenomenological, intertextual mediation among texts and traditions that liberates the black written tradition.
If Gothic literature allegorizes guilt, Nathaniel Hawthorne's "Young Goodman Brown" allegorizes evil.