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Synonyms for allegorizer

someone who communicates in allegories


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It is therefore useful to sort out the points of contact between Eliot and The Odyssey, but less useful to see Ulysses too narrowly as a model of the hero without a background in the later Greek allegorizers of Homer who still influenced the interpretation of this poet.
Even if readers take these physical metamorphoses to represent moral changes, as Renaissance allegorizers commonly interpreted them, [9] the myth cannot persuade against violence, dehumanization, as long as it dehumanizes.
Nevertheless, omitting Origen from the discussion leaves the reader with the impression that all Alexandrian theologians were allegorizers who had no appreciation for the body and for the human either in their Christology or in their theological anthropology.
Because they insist upon this historical grounding, Augustine and Marshall are simultaneously originalists and anti-originalists, which is to say that they are allegorizers. Despite the apparent anachronism of medieval practices, medieval allegory usually understood itself as being a historically grounded activity.
Under this principle of progressive knowledge, even medieval allegorizers of Homer were sound in principle.