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interpret as an allegory


make into an allegory


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However allegorized, it is also scrutinized from many angles, suggesting the differing human perspectives it embodies and enriches the text of Hawthorne's romance.
Medieval and Renaissance vernacular editions and paraphrases of the Metamorphoses, the major source for tales about the loves of the gods, had transformed Ovid's erotic text into allegorized versions of Christian moral exempla.
The primary narrative that succeeds this early allegorical narrative, however, is essentially a corrective one, one in which the narrator abandons the allegorized version of the protagonist for something more mimetic, something more real.
Parodi alerts us that her analysis will utilize every small reference, every name and word, to draw connections between, on the one hand, Cervantes' texts, and on the other, Biblical and/or traditional Catholic representations of God, the Virgin, the Creation, and other spiritual concepts potentially allegorized by the collection (of tales) which "encierra un 'misterio escondido,' nos avisa Cervantes en el Prologo" (63).
Like the sun that has its dark spots, Pidge allegorized, the Bible too has its blemishes, but its overall brilliance is not diminished.
This action brings the audience to a realization of reality and allegory at the same time; the stage, the actors, and the chorus are allegorized, while they are also "real" things and "real" people.
This struggle is allegorized through the story of Eddie, a would-be detective who is constantly reminded by those around him that such a profession does not exist in a place where a corrupt police force operates.
Thus, Tasso's link between sorrow and thought is also the link between pain and philosophy, strikingly allegorized in Mary's tears.
The second chapter traces medieval writing on the Passion from its origin in the Gospel narratives, showing how these are glossed, expanded and elaborated, allegorized and harmonized.
In other words, it is literature's resistance to unequivocal meaning, its refusal to be allegorized, its detachment from significance, that gives it its truly revolutionary power.
This is allegorized in Madeleine's inability to choose between the soulful Flamand and the passionate Olivier.
Where these elements could not easily be explained, they were allegorized.
In particular, I want to connect Pater's pen--portrait of Queen Marguerite both to Bruno's interpretation of Circe and to his ostensible source--Plato's panegyric in the Phaedrus (sections 237-256) on the "inspired lover" (254 B) allegorized by the charioteer and two horses, the noble and base impulses of the soul in love.
and in the way in which this language may be allegorized in the modern appropriation of the texts.
In O'Donnell's summary, the plot of Sanctuary is an all-too-abstractly allegorized version of the battle, in what he called Faulkner's mythology, between forces represented by Sartorises and those represented by Snopeses: