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interpret as an allegory


make into an allegory


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The author engages in three dialogues; in book 1, she speaks to Dame Libera, who offers an allegorized history of France; in book 2, Dame Opinion appears and provides a commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics; Dame Philosophie takes over in book 3.
Thus, Tasso's link between sorrow and thought is also the link between pain and philosophy, strikingly allegorized in Mary's tears.
14): `My dove that art in the clefts [or `holes': foraminibus] of the rock', a text commonly allegorized by devotional writers to represent the soul sheltering from tribulation hidden within the wound in Christ's side: this was so well known that Robert does not need to spell it out that he envisages himself as such a soul.
In other words, it is literature's resistance to unequivocal meaning, its refusal to be allegorized, its detachment from significance, that gives it its truly revolutionary power.
Everything is mediated through the mind, translated, filtered, allegorized, twisted, even falsified by it.
This is allegorized in Madeleine's inability to choose between the soulful Flamand and the passionate Olivier.
Where these elements could not easily be explained, they were allegorized.
In particular, I want to connect Pater's pen--portrait of Queen Marguerite both to Bruno's interpretation of Circe and to his ostensible source--Plato's panegyric in the Phaedrus (sections 237-256) on the "inspired lover" (254 B) allegorized by the charioteer and two horses, the noble and base impulses of the soul in love.
In O'Donnell's summary, the plot of Sanctuary is an all-too-abstractly allegorized version of the battle, in what he called Faulkner's mythology, between forces represented by Sartorises and those represented by Snopeses:
It is unclear when race relations will change for the better, but things do change through the process allegorized in the novel.
There seems to me a distortion in the way Fagles has allegorized Homer at every turn.
Most notable perhaps is a spirituality deeply reliant upon the Decalogue, which was regarded as archetypal for the Christian life--not as a bare list of commands, however, for it was often allegorized.
In Beckman's Super 8 trilogy (We Imitate; We Break up, 1978; The Broken Rule, 1979; and Out of Hand, 1980-81) as well as in You the Better, 1983, social development and aptitude are allegorized via games and steeped in competition, with both rules and playing fields.
Like the doctors and lawyers, accountants and businessmen, psychologists and teachers of my synagogue, they have nodded their heads over shocking words--and then reinterpreted them, allegorized them or simply ignored them.
An allusion to Cleopatra (dark and Caesar's) leads Hopkins to Wyatt's Anne Boleyn (dark and allegorized as one of Caesar's deer), to Wyatt on Pompey's head, to Mariam's allusion to that same head and, because beheading was the "standard form of execution for Tudor aristocrats," to Henry VIII (122).