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interpret as an allegory


make into an allegory


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Both Concord and Rome are obviously real places, but whereas Concord provides a backdrop for Hawthorne's musings in his preface, and he has no need to allegorize it into some symbolic realm, Rome becomes a distinctly allegorical presence and emblem of death and decay.
The last chapter is more balanced, showing how The Old Curiosity Shop allegorizes the problematic interplay between various kinds of value, capital and antiquity, literary and economic, that the nineteenth century symbolic imagination (after Coleridge) tried to rationalize away.
In one way or another they all combine to allegorize the Catholic message of the Creation, of the Father, of the Virgin.
He argues that in Oedipus at Colonus the relation of the festival-goers to the religious aspects of the play allegorizes their relation to religion in their own lives; the sacred in theater is at once alike and unlike the sacred outside the theater.
And does not the genre of autobiography begin to allegorize, in this context, what we might call posthumanist humanity at large, in constant quest of (self)-knowledge, beset by delusions it takes for certainties, haunted by characters and personae it takes for full-blown identities?
His work tends to allegorize a multifarious historical condition rather than a singular politics.
The synchronic time dimension, which is all times simultaneously, allegorizes the process of phenomenological, intertextual mediation among texts and traditions that liberates the black written tradition.
He does not allegorize in his historical works; rather, he finds analogues to his contemporary time and his own experiences in history.
That Machado, as a mulatto, chose subtly to allegorize the ending of slavery as the Brazilian catalyst is virtually unanswerable.
It is necessary to delimit the field of inquiry and to stress that I use the terms "the allegorizing reader" quite literally, that is, taking the verb "allegorize" in its fully active sense.
Hurston transforms the story from quest into gothic horror to allegorize the divided consciousness of African American folk culture, and its precarious independence.
As the neologism "standart" suggests, he was continually pointing toward the possibility of a generic painting--not attempting to realize this idea so much as to allegorize it, most overtly in such works as Untitled (System Painting), 1966.
Yet Beer's tendency to personalize, sometimes to allegorize, occasionally gets the better of her: the egg ~serves as a kind of model for her own personal relationships', the yolk standing for her relationship to her creator, the tough shell for her ~political/administrative side which regularly and fearlessly challenged the male power structure' and the softer white for ~that aspect of herself that was bound up with her convent, the arena in which her whole emotional life took place' (47).
But whether or not we allegorize Lucrezia so as to make her conform to Machiavelli's political writings, it is clear on these readings that Machiavelli would persuade us to Ovid's vie w of Augustan theater: one in which women can shape the spectacle to conform to their own desires once they learn its rules.
The 'Conclusioni provvisorie', the main subject of the now oddly titled essay on 'L'ultimo Montale' of 1973, signal the entry of new ironies and uncertainties, even if the first is still shoring up fragile defences against the 'ombroso Lucifero' (which Croce persuasively refuses to allegorize as communism or anything else too precise).