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Synonyms for allegorize

interpret as an allegory


make into an allegory


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In both allegorizations the 'thorn' is linked with the crown of thorns and the spring with the two streams of water and blood issuing from Christ's side.
In his interpretation of the text, Sponde constantly shuns the kind of allegorizations of the Homeric tales that characterized many ancient and Renaissance discussions (such as those of the Catholic Jean Dorat, whose comments on the Odyssey have recently been examined by Philip Ford) of the texts.
They also each experienced profound spiritual conversion and adhered to Savonarola's program, and they each provided subsequent allegorizations of their own works.
which may be explained as an allusion to Christ's cursing of the barren fig tree in Matthew 20, interpreted through one of Augustine's peculiar allegorizations from his commentary on Psalm 137 (Luther was, after all, an Augustinian friar).
Watkins presents an interesting review of the topos of female abandonment in writers following from Virgil, from Ovid's oppositional recasting of the Dido story, through Augustine's rejection of the Aeneid, the positive moral allegorizations of Fulgentius and Bernard Silvestris, to Dante and Chaucer, and finally Ariosto and Tasso.
Published by Ediciones Tuero in Madrid (known by emblem specialists for their facsimile series), this work addresses European stereotypes of native Americans, including allegorizations of "America," and the use of classical models in Renaissance imagery treating this subject.