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interpret as an allegory


make into an allegory


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Leonard Barkan suggests, conceming Fulgentius' allegorizations, that "this response represents not only the 'scientific' impulse applied to myth; it is also a direct set of associations between metamorphosis and the generative impulses of nature and love.
Allegorizations of pagan texts served the purpose of adapting classical subjects for a Christian audience, interpreting pagan myths either in bono or in malo to reveal moral virtues or vices.
36) It consists of literal glosses to the text and allegorizations at the end of each book, Allegoriae fabularum Ovidii.
John of Garland's very popular Integumenta Ovidii, (38) which offered short synopses and brief allegorizations for the mythological content of the Ovidian poem, is often referred to in other medieval manuscripts containing commentaries on the Metamorphoses.
Giovanni del Virgilio, who taught a biennial course at the studium in Bologna in 1322-23 on the major Latin poets, is responsible for two independent works on the Metamorphoses, that were probably read in complementary fashion: an exposition, virtually a translation in prose with the character of short stories, and an allegorization composed of a mixture of prose and verse.
Exploiting Ovid: Medieval Allegorizations of the Metamorphoses.
1 (1997): 164-186; and Robert Levine, "Exploiting Ovid: Medieval Allegorizations of the Metamorphoses," Medioevo Romanzo 14 (1989): 197-213.
In his interpretation of the text, Sponde constantly shuns the kind of allegorizations of the Homeric tales that characterized many ancient and Renaissance discussions (such as those of the Catholic Jean Dorat, whose comments on the Odyssey have recently been examined by Philip Ford) of the texts.
She turns Oedipus back onto male historiography to allow its paranoias to be revealed: its allegorizations of hierarchies of Fathers and Sons, its evaluative scales of Truth above fiction, its authorization of certain memories to be uncovered while censuring others.
They also each experienced profound spiritual conversion and adhered to Savonarola's program, and they each provided subsequent allegorizations of their own works.
Blumenfeld-Kosinski states not only that this commentator introduces a hierarchy of interpretations into the lessons he derives from his Ovidian material but also that he shows a greater respect than his predecessors for his source, since his allegorizations draw proper equivalencies between Ovid's mythical characters and figures from the Bible.
which may be explained as an allusion to Christ's cursing of the barren fig tree in Matthew 20, interpreted through one of Augustine's peculiar allegorizations from his commentary on Psalm 137 (Luther was, after all, an Augustinian friar).
In this sermon, whose subject is essentially "if you're not for us, you're against us," there is no allegorization.
Watkins presents an interesting review of the topos of female abandonment in writers following from Virgil, from Ovid's oppositional recasting of the Dido story, through Augustine's rejection of the Aeneid, the positive moral allegorizations of Fulgentius and Bernard Silvestris, to Dante and Chaucer, and finally Ariosto and Tasso.
Published by Ediciones Tuero in Madrid (known by emblem specialists for their facsimile series), this work addresses European stereotypes of native Americans, including allegorizations of "America," and the use of classical models in Renaissance imagery treating this subject.