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interpret as an allegory


make into an allegory


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52) In fact, there is nothing in the passage that definitively distinguishes the beast as an allegorization of Avarice.
The poem provides a profound allegorization of cyclical activity of human situation in an attempt to produce an immortal quality out of agonizing and precarious human existence.
As Jean Seznec's now classic study (La survivance des dieux antiques [London: Warburg Institute, 1940]) showed, the moral allegorization of Greco-Roman mythology coexisted with the poetic trend reaching into the Renaissance proper.
This allegorization not only diminishes the threat of a literal, daemonic order opposed to Christianity (and may even suggest the psychological projections of a dream world), it means we now have some clue as to the punishment imposed on the Mariner.
On its side, the bear seemingly 'shows' a post-colonial attitude subversively resisting a typically Western anthropomorphic allegorization and avoiding any easy reduction to passive victim.
Church hierarchs, conscious of Christianity's reliance on a fundamental reinterpretation and allegorization of Hebrew Scripture, generally sought to prevent a "return" to earlier "Jewish" ways of understanding the text.
Gregory's staging reinforces [her] allegorization [of the Man, the escaped prisoner] by calling for the Policeman to paste a copy of the 'wanted' poster to the front of the barrel where the Man and the Sergeant sit, back to back for the majority of the play.
She is haunting precisely because she defies allegorization.
Lewis's The Pilgrim's Regress is a Romanticized allegorization of the ontological argument, based upon the existence of desire itself.
What interests Kopcewicz in Adams's, Stockton's and Pynchon's works is the allegorization of sexual, social and technological forces, This discourse foregrounds and resolves the tensions between binary and aporetic categories and concepts such as the female and male, technological and natural, human and inanimate, religious and secular, creative and destructive.
24) The effect of allegorization is not to undermine the binding authority of the text, especially its legal requirements, but to uncover additional, even unexpected meanings in it.
The power of the gods to intervene in human history is the allegorization of this linguistic power.
Soloveitchik's conception is implied in the talmudic allegorization of Genesis and Psalm 139.
Every where and any where are everywhere in Kristeva's novel, and as for the Carpathians, they are that aspect of the spatial allegorization, which theory initiates, that throws into sharp relief the comparison with Janet Frame's novel.
Higgins' allegorization of L'annee derniere a Marienbad refutes the frequent characterization of the film as strictly a formal exercise, as in Sontag's account of the film, whose concerns she describes as "totally ahistorical, apolitcal.