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interpret as an allegory


make into an allegory


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Given the teacher's change of pace, one gets the impression that this passage may not be beyond the students' ability to translate; that this always-already French Shakespeare--an allegorization and parody of translation as transparent and univocal--may be properly translated back into English.
To refute Chen would waste much ink; let's just say it has roughly the same power to convince as his political allegorization of the Mao Odes.
In the Christian allegorization of the myth, the soul
(24.) For Hubmaier's understanding of the difference between law and gospel, see his allegorization of the parable of the Good Samaritan and his rejection of Zwingli's identification of the baptism by John with Christian baptism.--Hubmaier, Schriften, 127, 196f; Windhorst, Tauferisches Taufverstandnis, 54-58.
These literary strategies for speaking in code include theatricality and excess, depictions of "unruly affect" (35), classical allusion, and the use of race as an allegorization of same-sex desire, particularly in Poe's Pym and Melville's Redburn.
In this exegetical tradition from Augustine and Aquinas to Luther, however, the literal sense is absolutely essential, as it forms the only legitimate ground for any interpretation and serves as the guard against far-fetched allegorization, against distorting misreading and misinterpretations.
The process is one of contextualization, not allegorization, and one that proved to be the dominant tradition in later criticism as well, which preferred to read a poet's works as literal records of actual experience, from which a biography could be constructed.
(2) How do we teach Roth's work while avoiding the pitfalls of reduction, allegorization, or the too-easy assignment of "ethnicity" to the literature?
Unlike its geological analogue of hotspot volcanism, reef formation, subsidence, and the memento mori of the atoll, this theoretical allegorization (see Law, 2004b) of atoll as mutable immobile (18) need not operate on (only) a linear temporality.
The allegorization of Gulliver's ordeal in Lilliput is the poet's self-dramatization of the misconception and misunderstanding of his role at mediating the crisis between the Nigerian government and the Biafran authority at the beginning of the war.
Taymor, according to Burt's scathing critique of her film, "naively misreads Shakespeare's much darker and more self-conscious allegorization of aesthetic representations via the media of the theater and print culture" (312).
"Part of today's antiglobalization rhetoric, with its allegorization of villainous transnational corporations, descends directly from this corporate-conspiracy discourse of the 1960s and 1970s" [27]).
The "kafkaesque" traits like dreamlikeness, irrationality, allegorization, metaphoricity became poetic means of expression behind the frontlines of the official and obligatory socialist realism.
Much of his argument hinges upon his allegorization of the devil as fallen political power and upon his understanding of sin, which he sees as the necessary possibility of freedom.
Tolkien, (5) Dunsany "complained constantly of those who worried 'meanings' out of tales that were simply themselves," decrying allegorization of literary art (Amory 180).