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Synonyms for allegory

Synonyms for allegory

a short moral story (often with animal characters)

an expressive style that uses fictional characters and events to describe some subject by suggestive resemblances

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The Renaissance allegorist considered beauty or aesthetic appreciation a lure to draw auditors into his classroom, where they could be educated, in Platonic fashion, to a loftier understanding.
30) It is against this background of a heightened awareness of the contingency of meaning on the levels both of scholarship and of everyday grammar school teaching that both linguists and allegorists were confronted with the question of how language might work.
with the image of ruins, is because modern allegorists have always felt
Vice lies both around and beneath; it is, in fact, the enabling medium for the journey of the ship, a paradox rife with disturbing implications that ripple beyond the control of the allegorist.
If we read Maturing through the lens of the double-blind, then he becomes the historical allegorist of the doubly-embodied Unionist Anglo-Irish, a socio-ethnic group that Margot Gayle Backus describes as simultaneously identified with "the colonized and the colonizer" (132).
46) In this moment Hamlet himself, we might say, becomes something of an allegorist in a redemptory mode, finding a means to read the play's externalized, Trauerspielische succession of contingencies and accidents as part of a hidden divine drama--and inviting us to do the same.
I shall risk an assertion that I do not have, here, the space to substantiate: it is this allegorist, more than any other poet, who aids Rossetti in her writing of the seemings of "the world.
In his 1503 graduation address at the newly founded Wittenberg University, Nikolaus Marschalk referred to the influential interpretation by the late-antique Latin allegorist Fulgentius of the Judgment of Paris as the choice between the 'vita triplex', consisting of the 'vita contemplativa' (Minerva), the 'vita activa' (Juno) or the 'vita voluptuaria' (Venus).
To Be Written Under a Picture': The Poet as Allegorist and Visionary.
The paleontologist, like Claude Levi-Strauss's bricoleur, is not an inventor per se, but rather someone who borrows from what is already available--an allegorist of sorts, who constructs myth by unearthing and organizing fragments of the past.
It is important at the outset to insist that O'Connor was a writer not an allegorist, so her characters function as characters, not as representations.
While Rinaldi's notion of "melancholy" is heuristically useful in describing the tensions in Alberti's writings, not all readers will embrace Rinaldi's vision of the humanist as a Christian allegorist.
Stone, on the other hand, is an allegorist, illustrated by his miniature model, "The City of the World.