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Synonyms for allegorise

interpret as an allegory


make into an allegory


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Dan allegorises the possibility of historical amnesia; he wants Elizabeth to be consumed by the sins of the nation.
The tension in this story is certainly psychological and confined to Elizabeth's delusions, but what it allegorises is the tension outside Elizabeth's head, the struggle of South African history and politics.
The sculpture Ages of the World (Die Erdzeitalter), made this year and installed in the Royal Academy's central chamber, nicely allegorises the artist's tendency to collapse time and memory: used canvases such as might litter his studio are stacked into a teetering tower of Babel, sprouting giant poppy heads.
Commissioned by Louis XIV in the 1660s, the gallery's iconographic programme by Le Brun allegorises the Sun King as Apollo in a scheme that was not completed until the nineteenth century, under the architect Felix Duban.
Furthermore, the catalogue illustrates the illuminated frontispiece of a choir book presented to Henry VIII, which allegorises England as a garden walled by the sea, many years before the famous croak by John of Gaunt in Shakespeare's Richard II.