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Synonyms for allegorize

interpret as an allegory


make into an allegory


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Embroidery, van Niekerk asserts, gives her as author carte blanche to play with allegorisation and self-reflection.
Here he takes his cue from Benjamin's account of the Trauerspiel and its distinctive forms of allegorisation and having whetted our appetite in the first two chapters, he now seeks to expand his portfolio of readings.
16), and that the "aims of mediaeval Arabic prosopography call for allegorisation rather than characterisation" (p.
Because the term itself lends itself to allegorisation, borduur, and then, you know, the whole idea of improvisation in the figurative meaning of the word "embroidery" and so on also could be used in self-reflecting on the novel, and that piece that Michiel chose for yesterday's reading [page 673 in the Afrikaans, "Jy rek dit en trek dit", p.
The allegorisation in this novel has been widely discussed and need not be pointed out again, except to highlight that Waiting .