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Synonyms for allegory

Synonyms for allegory

a short moral story (often with animal characters)

an expressive style that uses fictional characters and events to describe some subject by suggestive resemblances

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Jarrell's metamorphic allegories served equally well as evidence for the processes (and not solely the products) of philosophical inquiry concerning the imagined fate for the individual human body (including an understanding of being as, inexorably, linked to the fate of that imagining) in the modern world.
The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien's other novels--notably, The Hobbit--function allegorically as allegories of reading, for their characters perform acts of interpretation; they become figures of the modern Reader as they move through the mythic landscape of Middle-earth.
Hertel's essay on Wincklemann's dilemma--his search for allegory in Greek art and his broader quest for the Greek spirit in the face of the playful allegories rocaille of his own age--not only reiterates the challenges of reading and writing about allegory, but also makes for an interesting episode in the history of the study of art history.
The structure of Seditious Allegories seems a bit ungainly at first glance, but its coherence emerges.
Kinsella's other progress allegories of the 1960s, 'A Country Walk' and 'Nightwalker', might also productively be considered in this way, though the revisions made to 'A Country Walk' are less extensive and those to 'Nightwalker' less clear in intention than to 'Downstream'.
In a nutshell: Safe continuation of the Superman series, emphasizing generational torch-passing, soap opera storylines and messianic allegories during a butt-numbing two-hour- and-40-minute running time.
The five Allegories are large and, grouped in such close proximity, create a vision of overpowering opulence.
Antin also presented a record of the photographs' making in the form of a video, Shooting Eleanor Antin's Roman Allegories, in which the artist and company eat apples, drink Coke, sit around in curlers, spray hairspray and paint, pretend to become statuary, smoke, impassively dodge joggers on the beach, move around sets, and rush to shoot a scene before the sun sets behind the hills.
If the source of all the allegories is memory and de Man is labelled as "the thinker and theorist of memory," then Derrida is the one who writes about the art of remembering and forgetting.
The characters of the ancient mythology and the allegories convey first a Christian meaning in this drama, when Isvan Dobo becomes the allegory of Hercules, and Hercules becomes the allegory of Dobo later, when Christian characters become ancient heroes again.
Like most allegories, Animal Farm operates by framing one-to-one correspondences between the literal and symbolic levels.
In her second book, Domestic Allegories of Political Desire: The Black Heroine's Text at the Turn of the Century (1992), Tate turned her attention to the domestic fiction of African-American women in the post-Reconstruction era.
BELLINI'S ALLEGORIES ARE not always easy to interpret, but this one clearly has as its theme uncertainty, inconstancy, and insecurity.
Allegories by Martianus Capella, Milton, Gower, Blake, and Spenser reveal to Turner the workings of kinship metaphor, because kinship metaphors breed personifications.