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Yet, he chose the "shade" of the booth, allegorically representing the tranquility of non-prophecy.
Griselda reads herself as allegorical image and thereby 'authorizes' us to read her allegorically, but at the same time she gives us a sense of what it feels like to be made into a figure of speech, what is left out.
The nation, Syria, is allegorically a woman called Laila, married to several men, each representing an era of Syria's modern history.
This must be read allegorically, of course, as has already been mentioned: The African past, as presented in racist historiography and popular media, has been shrouded in an imagery of primitivism and savagery, or even denied altogether.
Beginning by asking why Dante should in the Comedy conceal and disparage a poet he elsewhere admires and whose work might be seen as a pagan corroboration of Genesis, Hawkins suggests that Dante here reads Ovid literally, not allegorically as most medieval readers did (and as Dante did in the Convivio).
At the end of the novel, with her decision to work on the second draft of her book - also called Candy Story - Mia finds herself, for the time being at least, among the survivors in life, whose stormy seas are allegorically depicted in a fresco of a lifeboat alongside a large sinking ship.
7 at the Manhattan Theatre Club in New York City under the author's own direction - she allegorically represents a new generation that has reaped the rewards of liberation while at the same time confronting a future of stark uncertainty.
Incestuous desire, however, can be allegorically interpreted, as the language of physical yearning in the Song of Songs is transformed, in the tradition of Marian art, lyrics, and liturgy, into a desire for mystical union between God and humanity.
French novelist, author of A la recherche du temps perdu (Remembrance of Things Past), a novel based on Proust's life, told psychologically and allegorically and often in a stream-of-consciousness style.
John of the Cross, whose own commentaries show that his love poems are meant to have been construed allegorically.
Though Divola is by no means a Pictures artist, the ocean framed in the Zuma house's windows is, optically and allegorically, a picture.
Conti approaches myth allegorically, providing ethical or moral, historical and finally natural or "scientific" interpretations.
Traditionally, the image of the dragon holds a negative connotation: however, in 1562, the Boncompagi family engaged the Bolognese physician and philosopher, Baldassare Pisanelli, to explain scientifically and allegorically the symbolism of the new pontiffs coat-of-arms with the impresa of the dragon.
Secondly, while it is true that some Renaissance readers were inclined to view the Gerusalemme liberata allegorically, and to subject it to the kind of reading that Warner proposes, many were not.
Like creatures trapped and struggling in an allegorically suggestive vacuum-sealed tank, six lead characters, drawn from an evidently upper-middle, colonizing class, eke out their existential despair on the carcass of a textually unnamed but definitely "other" conquered culture.