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Synonyms for allegorical

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Synonyms for allegorical

used in or characteristic of or containing allegory


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It is, allegorically speaking, a battle of the selfless against the selfish.
Quevedo's satirical works expose the interiority of grotesque figures, which function allegorically to represent individuals who threatened the divinely inspired social order.
While there are religious elements, such as a kind nurse who is allegorically named Faith, the book's ideology largely transcends such distinctions, and is accessible to people of all or no creeds.
Thus, Andrew's Brain looks back allegorically to expose America's collective traumas and for ward to acknowledge the importance of the radical posthuman shift already affecting our present condition.
Imran Khan expressed allegorically that more wickets are ready to fall soon as another wicket will also fall next week and still more to come in the coming days.
With 'Operation Tokhang' as incantation, President Duterte has opened the bottle containing the genie that allegorically represents a police force imbued with a mindset that its members possess unrestrained powers to preserve life or cause death in this country.
The appendix "Tolkien the Catholic" rather briefly considers his place as a specifically Catholic writer given his own dislike of reading allegorically. Given the breadth of this topic, I wish that Edwards could have given more time and space over to it throughout the book rather than presenting it as something of an afterthought, especially considering how closely we read C.S.
Rather, he argues, it is a mode of thought that appropriates metaphor and functions allegorically to move the reading experience away from meaning and toward a future potentiality that challenges traditional historiography and philosophy.
Their topics include al-Ghazali and the rationalization of Sufism, al-Ghazali at his most rationalist in The Universal Rule for Allegorically Interpreting Revelation, al-Isfahani's Dhari'a as a source of inspiration of al-Ghazali's Mizan al-'Amal, the changing image of al-Ghazali in medieval Jewish thought, and al-Ghazali's esotericism according to Ibn Taymiyya's Bughyat al-Martad.
In the new song, which Benayoun posted in a video on Facebook this week, the singer allegorically describes how he got a cruel raven "with a small mustache" named "Obama" after the "ugly president," and tried to "inject him with a few drops of heart."
In the case of Dunsany and Lovecraft, they did this largely through the "political unconscious," a term derived from Fredric Jameson's reference to the ways in which a Marxist narrative of history as class struggle is expressed allegorically in a literary work.
Even so, this issue underlines yet more that the book is built around the seductive desire to have a 'traditional' music as part of one's identity -- a power that is allegorically well indicated by the cover's classic leather-faced, capped man, who is presumably intended to suggest an 'authentic' singer of old songs.
The "Apes" franchise has always been a politically loaded one, and this latest entry states its left-wing credo in ways both allegorically implicit and bluntly direct.
Maya Mathur hears the speeches of allegorically named commoners in Preston's Tudor interlude Cambises as arguments in support of a variety of complex relationships between monarch and subjects, and even perhaps justifications for the regicide of a tyrant.