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Synonyms for allegorical

Synonyms for allegorical

used in or characteristic of or containing allegory


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He had given up his advertisement work, and was planning a great canvas--another allegorical work.
If a Glasgow millionaire mayn't buy Sellers' allegorical pictures, whose allegorical pictures may he buy?
Your mind is dwelling on the prospect of living in a house decorated throughout with Sellers' allegorical pictures.
It was in part an offshoot from the Mysteries, in some of which there had appeared among the actors abstract allegorical figures, either good or bad, such as The Seven Deadly Sins, Contemplation, and Raise-Slander.
Squatting upon his haunches on the table top in the cabin his father had built--his smooth, brown, naked little body bent over the book which rested in his strong slender hands, and his great shock of long, black hair falling about his well- shaped head and bright, intelligent eyes--Tarzan of the apes, little primitive man, presented a picture filled, at once, with pathos and with promise--an allegorical figure of the primordial groping through the black night of ignorance toward the light of learning.
But the chief feature of this part of the show was a huge allegorical device, borne among the ship-carpenters, on one side whereof the steamboat Alcohol was represented bursting her boiler and exploding with a great crash, while upon the other, the good ship Temperance sailed away with a fair wind, to the heart's content of the captain, crew, and passengers.
There was about it an undulating and aerial grace, such as one might dream of for some mythic and allegorical being.
Perhaps," slyly remarked the granddaughter of Colonel Joliffe, whose high spirit had been stung by many taunts against New England,--"perhaps we are to have a mask of allegorical figures.
At this moment, however, the presence of Madame Servin produced an interlude in the drama thus played below the surface in these various young hearts, the sentiments, ideas, and progress of which were expressed by phrases that were almost allegorical, by mischievous glances, by gestures, by silence even, more intelligible than words.
le Cardinal de Bourbon, who, for the sake of pleasing the king, had been obliged to assume an amiable mien towards this whole rustic rabble of Flemish burgomasters, and to regale them at his Hôtel de Bourbon, with a very "pretty morality, allegorical satire, and farce," while a driving rain drenched the magnificent tapestries at his door.
Intertwining the mystical essence of science fiction and the humor of political satire, Fardwor Russia is an allegorical tale of contemporary Russian life.
It is interesting that the contemporary Korean artists' allegorical impulse that appeared sporadically in the 20th century has been receiving attention as an important phenomenon in the 21st century.
Even if we don't identify them as such, we are all undoubtedly familiar with several allegorical stories.
Melaney's complex comparative study depends on a number of theoretical moving parts, including philosophy of language, aesthetics, modernism, materiality, and the distinction he maintains between traditional allegory and allegorical works of modernist literature.
In this allegorical tale, Archibald Zwick must uncover the meaning of the land's titular eight towers.