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used in or characteristic of or containing allegory


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The gigantic fish which saved Jonah's life becomes thereby an allegoric figure.
The fantastic, the oneiric, the allegoric flourished in their hands.
The author parodies the allegoric form, revealing the absurdity of the characters' lives through the narrative commentary of a mitotera.
To endorse the allegoric quality of certain folk-tales, Marlow's story too sets us recognizably among the plain objects of everyday life (a bucket, a staff, or a candle, perhaps) but retains the same capacity to invest any one of them, suddenly, with extraordinary potential of undefined proportions.
53) This rejection also entails one of the most remarkable innovations of the Emblemes chrestiens: the author's refusal of current Christian/pagan, virtue/vice, or good/evil allegoric dichotomies which traditionally pit women against men or blame women for corrupting men and leading them astray.
To depict the sick community of fiord dwellers the director uses allegoric images.
Peri Rossi's allegoric enactments of the "other side of the Oedipal drama"(9) function to "denaturalize" the traditional patriarchal economy which governs the transmission of ideology related to the construction of sexual identity.
Structural irony in allegoric, historical time lashes out in all directions, and even so is overpowered by topical wisecracks and political malapropisms.
According to the Pafos2017 website "this transforming, truly poetic work constitutes a modern tragedy with allegoric references to the political situation of Cyprus during the colonial period, while contributing a very important new text to Cypriot and modern Greek theatre, with a quality equal to that of the works of Angelos Sikelianos and Nikos Kazantzakis which have enriched modern Greek literature.
In response to the mystery surrounding Andrew's role, with the help of narrative analysis and critical notions referred to as trauma theory and posthumanity, I contend that Andrew's Brain invites an allegoric reading of the human condition at the turn of the millennium.
The mighty Genesis story of the Creation, allegoric though science shows it to be, retains the hold that it had in infancy--it rings true to us, it has basic meaning.
He declares that "the significance of Osiris Rising lies in the fact that it is allegoric and parabolic in conception, for, as in the preceding works, the characters presented in Osiris Rising, while aspiring to the status of flesh and blood humans, also illustrate attitudes, emotional states, and experiences that are representative.
The moral choice to escape this pessimism was left solely to the reader, and the editors exalted instead the 'poetry' and 'agility' shown by Brecht in the allegoric representation of China.
Judging the stories as children's literature masterpiece rather than adult literature classic, I come to a conclusion that Mowgli's transformation from a wolf in the jungle to a man in human society is allegoric in that it symbolizes the children's socialization from a natural being to a social being, i.
Rather, it is better seen as an allegoric transposition: Austria symbolizes a kind of eschatological realm, which can never be real and is beyond the historic events.