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used in or characteristic of or containing allegory


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In describing the error of that opaque and serpentine art as "workmanship in allegoric delusion & woe," part of what Blake teaches his reader is how to understand his art.
Patristic allegorical exegesis of Scripture is compared with classical allegoresis by Jean Pepin in Mythe et allegoric Les origines grapes et les contestations judeo-chretiennes.
Therefore he wrote an allegoric story in the introduction of his work in which he combined prose and poetry presenting each of seven arts as servants of Mercury's fiancee called Philology.
In the works of all of the authors above, we may observe the same allegoric duality: the present state of society, economics et cetera equaled disorder.
In the allegoric construction by Guillaume (1230/1992), the guardian of the access of the garden of Deduit is Oiseuse.
For example, although Annie Allen presents Brooks's vision of the Western epic, it also shows a rejection of Western ideology in its representation of enlightenment coming from classic Plato as it presents a similar allegoric image but a dissimilar ideological message.
626) depictions of worldly music among the intarsia panels and protective covers designed by Lorenzo Lotto in the choir of Bergamo's basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore (completed in 1531)--and deciphering the puzzling texted music notated in the panel under the organ loft as an allegoric distortion of the moralizing frottola "La virtu se vol seguire.
60) The majority, in line with a seemingly allegoric desire to expedite jurisdiction for prosecution, pointed to the non-criminal element character of jurisdiction and the assignment of the matter to the judge to conclude that the preponderance of the evidence standard is proper in the face of a mute statute.
s contradictions and poke holes in human pomposity with their own allegoric and ironic language.
McNeill reads Book I of the Republic as an allegoric structure which embodies a dramatic exposition of the cultural decadence of 5th century Athens, with Socrates, acting as the principal dramatis persona, offering philosophy as an antidote to that decadence.
Mechanical and allegoric expressions of speed and machines allow the "creation of new woman.
Roeder's vivid and imaginative interpretations of homophobia, which is frequently personified allegoric ally, afford insight into the condition as a lived reality particularly for gay young people growing up in America's heartland.
While there can be little doubt that allegoric writing is used in biblical stories, it can only be to a point where the average reader can instinctively absorb it with ease.
O'Connor had written a powerful "perverse" allegoric enactment of the racial conflict looming over the entire South.
It is supposed to be an allegoric tale of Hitler's conquest of Austria in 1938, set in an imaginary Balkan country where they speak a likewise imaginary language modelled on German.