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Synonyms for allegiance

Synonyms for allegiance

faithfulness or devotion to a person, a cause, obligations, or duties

Synonyms for allegiance

the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action

the loyalty that citizens owe to their country (or subjects to their sovereign)


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By their voluntary association they recognized their allegiance to the government of Britain, and in process of time received whatever powers and authorities could be conferred upon them by a charter from their sovereign.
Confucius said: "If a state is governed by the principles of reason, poverty and misery are subjects of shame; if a state is not governed by the principles of reason, riches and honors are subjects of shame." No: until I want the protection of Massachusetts to be extended to me in some distant Southern port, where my liberty is endangered, or until I am bent solely on building up an estate at home by peaceful enterprise, I can afford to refuse allegiance to Massachusetts, and her right to my property and life.
I simply wish to refuse allegiance to the State, to withdraw and stand aloof from it effectually.
'When I filed my certificate of candidacy (COC), I renounced my other allegiances.'
'So by virtue of that alone, you renounce any other allegiances you have,' Manzano added.
This record will remain open for citizens to pledge their allegiances until Tuesday.
Manama, Aug 24 (BNA) -- His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa today sent cables of thanks to Al-Manan'a tribe, Al-Ma'wda family, Al-Benkhalil family, Mubarak bin Mohammad bin Rashid bin Dina and Rashid bin Hussain bin Yusuf Al-Ouraifi, in reply to their letters of allegiances to Bahrain's monarch.
Eight North American academics and attorneys contribute nine chapters analyzing language allegiances, particularly in a multilingual society such as the US.
"Shaken Allegiances: Two Days from the Continuum Of Nonsense" tells the story of Quebec and its attempts at succession and Mother nature's say in the matter.
But Osama Saeed, of the Scottish branch of the Muslim Association of Britain, said: "I certainly don't think they should be made to make allegiances that no-one else has to make.
The party adapted to a new electorate and reconstructed social and political allegiances as their political rivals struggled to keep up.
These events then motivate the rest of the plot, for the newly amorous duke must extricate himself from his current marriage, the lady must negotiate her conflicting allegiances to her uncle and her new love, and the uncle must be convinced that the new marriage contract he is negotiating on his niece's behalf with the elderly viceroy is invalid.
Although inhabiting somewhat distinct subdistricts, Jamaica Plain's diverse residents shared a common geographic identity and developed strong "allegiances of place independent of class and ethnicity" (xx).
Saudi students and citizens living abroad have visited the Kingdom's embassies in order to pledge allegiance to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.