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Synonyms for allege

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Synonyms for allege

to put into words positively and with conviction

to bring forward for formal consideration

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Synonyms for allege

report or maintain

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That is why journalists use the word "allege" and its derivatives in connection with persons suspected of, or charged, with a crime as they are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty.
Embree, occupants of 1362 Josephine St.: Plaintiff alleges breach of contract.
The complaint alleges that approximately 1000 subscribers purchased copies of the report yielding revenues of approximately $1,000,000 for Agora.
The idea, allege prosecutors, was to gain competitive commercial advantage for ALIBRIS/INTERLOC's own online book-selling business by compiling a database of dealers' purchases and analyzing the book- selling market.
The second, relating to events preceding the actual use of deadly force, alleges that policy and procedural violations leading up to the officer's use of deadly force caused the situation that ultimately justified the officer's use of deadly force.
unknown heirs of Duane Violette and Jacquelyn Violette; Jodi Trujillo; Tanya Trujillo; John Trujillo; occupants of 38308 Lower Brice Creek Road, Culp Creek: Plaintiff alleges breach of contract.
The complaint further alleges that when LRP introduced its own federal employment research guide, cyberFEDS[R] (, IHS responded in anti-competitive fashion to preserve its monopoly.
The Supreme Court has instructed lower courts that the first step in determining qualified immunity is to decide whether the plaintiff alleges a constitutional violation at all.(18) Thus, attorneys representing law enforcement officials and prosecutors should be wary of attempts by plaintiffs to fashion common law defamation or negligence claims into an alleged constitutional violation.
One investigation involves allegations of price fixing among dental insurance organizations in Arizona, another involves allegations of price fixing among allergists in Massachusetts, and the third alleges that obstetricians in Georgia conspired to set obstetrical fees.
Frost, occupants of 4487 Aster St., Springfield: Plaintiff alleges breach of contract.
The plaintiff's complaint alleges that the insured hired a key employee away from a competitor to help design a better product for the insured, improve the insured's manufacturing processes or overhaul the insured's marketing strategies.
First, if a plaintiff alleges that a particular officer was unsatisfactorily trained, it could be that "...the officer's shortcomings may have resulted from factors other than a faulty training program."(21) Second, if the plaintiff asserts that the injury or accident could have been avoided had an officer received better or more training, the Court offered a possible response by noting that "such a claim could be made about almost any encounter resulting in injury, yet not condemn the adequacy of the program to enable officers to respond properly to the usual and recurring situations with which they must deal."(22)
Rosboro LLC and Maury Trussler: Plaintiff alleges personal injury, negligence, violation of employer liability law.
Jan Dwight McSilvers: Plaintiff alleges breach of contract.
Arnold; Julie Montoya: State of Oregon; United States of America, and occupants of 312 Meadow Lane, Creswell: Plaintiff alleges breach of contract.