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Synonyms for allay

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Synonyms for allay

to make less severe or more bearable

to make or become calm

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Synonyms for allay

lessen the intensity of or calm

satisfy (thirst)

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McKinney's book is enlightening because she applies an impressive background in conflict management--she has worked with the Harvard Negotiation Project and served as a monitor for the first democratic election in El Salvador--to common issues that divide African American churches, such as female leadership, homosexuality and the move toward nondenominational "megachurches" Recognizing that conflict is a necessary and potentially productive component of a relationship, McKinney offers strategies that allow voices to be heard, fears to be allayed, and people to demonstrate their faith in God.
Martin allayed fears that adopting MBI won't yield competitive results for PWRDF funds.
By the mid nineteenth century they and their successors had built markets that considerably allayed risk, and provided many with modest, but tangible comforts.
The American pharmaceutical industry feared that such moves would allow cheap imitations to flood Western countries on the black market - but the agreement after six days of negotiations in Geneva allayed their fears.
ZIMBABWE finally allayed fears over any tit-for-tat retaliation against England by confirming their summer tour WILL go ahead.
WALES skipper Gary Speed today allayed fears over his fitness for the European Championship qualifying double-header with Azerbaijan and Serbia and Montenegro in two weeks time.
After his filly had allayed fears as to her effectiveness on top-of-the-ground with a four-length triumph, the York trainer said: "They went too fast early on but she picked up well and she will go over further next season."
I remember hearing that vegetarians have increased riskier cancer, and that vegetarians risk not getting enough protein, and each time, a follow-up study allayed my fears.
Fears that he had suffered an injury when coming to grief at the final flight in the Shell Champion Hurdle have been allayed.