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shaped like a sausage

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This species is characterized by being finely odontoid, pale yellow to grayish yellow basidiocarp, and suballantoid to allantoid basidiospores and by the presence of echinocysts in subhymenium.
Basidia cylindrical, hyaline, tri - septate, spores are hyaline, reniform to allantoid, size was 15 x 4-5 im.
Plants were inoculated at boot stage using suspensions of allantoid secondary sporidia (10 000 [mL.sup.-1]).
Spores: Allantoid, lightly amyloid, smooth, 3-4 X 2 [mu]m.
It exists in the sloth the rudimentary allantoids. The amnion and the vitelline sack exhibit characteristics which plows almost close to the conditions found in the primates.