all-terrain bike

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a bicycle with a sturdy frame and fat tires

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Some manufacturers make a tray extender for all-terrain bike tires, but the fit for such tires isn't so critical--as long as the hold-downs can be set tight.
All-terrain bike and cruiser seats are usually wide, comfortable, and maybe spring-cushioned.
Racing and all-terrain bikes are fast gaining popularity, while touring and sport-touring bikes have a steady following.
You can steer an all-terrain bike past Inner Mongolian yurts, pedal out to the Great Wall near Peking, bicycle past rice-growing communes in the Yangtze River Valley.
RIDERS of four-wheel quad and all-terrain bikes are now required by law to wear a helmet on public roads.
Fat bikes are souped-up all-terrain bikes that are primarily used for snow travel but have become increasingly popular for shredding trail and cruising on beaches or dunes.
When the going gets rough these new police all-terrain bikes get going.
Yesterday armed police officers searched the countryside for the animal on all-terrain bikes and on foot after a member of the public reported seeing a "dark beast".
Photo: Beach-hugging road leads bikers along 6 1/2 miles of coastline; fat tires on all-terrain bikes help in sand drifts near washout
Bycycle Detours of Santa Fe (about $90 per day) used its van to haul riders and all-terrain bikes from Santa Fe to the ancient Anasazi dwellings of Chaco Canyon in central New Mexico.