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Synonyms for all right

Synonyms for all right

Synonyms for all right

being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition

an expression of agreement normally occurring at the beginning of a sentence

without doubt (used to reinforce an assertion)


in a satisfactory or adequate manner

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At the time he was killed, he owned a deer rifle, a shotgun, a 22 rifle and several fishing poles, so he must have been an all-right guy.
He's still got a little bit of an attitude, but I think he's gonna be an all-right horse.
However, by emphasizing accuracy by which they mean the ability to sort through semi-right clues to get to the all-right answer on a machine-graded test to the exclusion of all other aspects of the material, those teachers (and the principals and parents who are flogging them to get the test scores up) are neglecting an important part of the process.
Not just an all-right kind of right, but a whipped, nose-wide-open kind of right, so right that he doesn't give a second thought to turning down a night out with his buddies or advances by another woman.
Privatization is all-right in the United States of America with plentiful resources and a disposition conducive to privatization right from the beginning.
The addition of theatrical, television and digital rights to the existing home entertainment agreement is a natural fit given Image's recent move into acquiring films for all-right distribution.
So while the growing all-right movement may be new,' he says, 'it is important to remember that racism in America is not.
But I've got good cheekbones and an all-right face.
I'm having an all-right career so far and I haven't won a third of the stuff he has.
Really, I'm an all-right guy when I'm not drinking," Mason said.
The neighbour added: "They are an all-right family.
Sarah was an all-right lass and it should never have gone as far as it did.
He came across as a nice young man, an all-right bloke.
This show isn't like The Swan in that it's not an extreme makeover show but instead we look at people with all-right lives but who want a bit of confidence or a bit of a boost.