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Synonyms for all right

Synonyms for all right

Synonyms for all right

being satisfactory or in satisfactory condition

an expression of agreement normally occurring at the beginning of a sentence

without doubt (used to reinforce an assertion)


in a satisfactory or adequate manner

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He's still got a little bit of an attitude, but I think he's gonna be an all-right horse.
Privatization is all-right in the United States of America with plentiful resources and a disposition conducive to privatization right from the beginning.
The addition of theatrical, television and digital rights to the existing home entertainment agreement is a natural fit given Image's recent move into acquiring films for all-right distribution.
I'm having an all-right career so far and I haven't won a third of the stuff he has.
Really, I'm an all-right guy when I'm not drinking," Mason said.
The neighbour added: "They are an all-right family.
He came across as a nice young man, an all-right bloke.
This show isn't like The Swan in that it's not an extreme makeover show but instead we look at people with all-right lives but who want a bit of confidence or a bit of a boost.
I had the horse today to be able to get across and get an all-right position.
It's an all-right program,'' said 11th-grader Emmanuel Gonzalez.
Graham's verdict: "It's all-right, but it's a bit chewy.
ORRIBLE: After his triumphant reign on The Big Breakfast, disciples of the all-mighty and all-right blokey Johnny Vaughan have been waiting nervously for their master's return.