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B'laster All-Purpose Lubricant is a high-performance formula designed to lubricate moving parts in and around the house.
Maintenance and all-purpose Maintenance of a workstation (server) with software upgrade (RIP, OS, etc.
For the most part it has been used for sushi but it is an all-purpose sauce that can be used for so many dishes.
My vision for Coventry would be that these entrepreneurs and others with an interest in our city could get together and build an all-purpose civil hall/conference centre and convention centre.
Additionally, according to the survey, the two recent cleaning technology innovations consumers most appreciate are cleaning wipes (42%) and all-purpose cleaners (42%).
It comes packaged with six reusable, absorbent cotton cloths and as a limited introductory offer, a 28-ounce sample of Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner for under $50.
If you plan to offer everything--ballet, hip hop, tap, jazz, modern--and you only have one space, most manufacturers offer at least one all-purpose vinyl floor.
Sample query: "Describe your no-fail, all-purpose orgasm-inducing move.
Now researchers at the Saint Louis University School of Public Health report in the 15 January 2006 issue of Environmental Science & Technology that all-purpose floor and counter detergents remove lead-bearing dust from wood, wallpaper, and vinyl flooring as effectively as detergents developed specifically for removing lead.
MemberSpeak: Take part in this all-purpose, members-only public forum, primarily for IABC issues.
Of course, smokers need to give up cigarettes, the all-purpose killer.
A must-have all-purpose resource manual, Adobe Photoshop 7.
It quickly and completely biodegrades, and the blend of plant-based surfactants makes it an all-purpose cleaner great for hair, clothes, dishes or even dogs
Spotlight on household goods Price & availability Midlands NE Safeway Co-op Eastwood Wrekenton SELECTION OF LINES Nottingham Tyne & Wear Flash All-Purpose cleaner, lemon, 500ml 1.
Ultracell Medical Technologies offers a fine-pore PVA all-purpose wipe (90900) for use in otolaryngology surgery.