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not limited in use or function

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For easier melting of the chocolate chips, make sure the chips are at room temperature before adding them to the all-purpose cream.
In fact, it was the only brand recommended by Consumer Reports in its most recent tests of all-purpose cleaners.
For the most part it has been used for sushi but it is an all-purpose sauce that can be used for so many dishes.
The wheat kernel consists of three parts: the outer covering of the grain called bran; the embryo contained inside the kernel referred to as the germ; and the starchy part of the kernel used in all-purpose flour, called endosperm.
My vision for Coventry would be that these entrepreneurs and others with an interest in our city could get together and build an all-purpose civil hall/conference centre and convention centre.
The All-Purpose 8-16, which weighed 5,600 pounds, had a 4-cylinder, 4-by-5-1/2-inch engine running at 600 (some accounts say 850) rpm.
It is packaged with three patent-pending sponge attachments and liquid dispenser; concentrator steam nozzles for use with steam alone; and as a limited introductory offer, a 28-ounce sample of Lysol All-Purpose Cleaner for a suggested retail price of $49.
If you plan to offer everything--ballet, hip hop, tap, jazz, modern--and you only have one space, most manufacturers offer at least one all-purpose vinyl floor.
Now researchers at the Saint Louis University School of Public Health report in the 15 January 2006 issue of Environmental Science & Technology that all-purpose floor and counter detergents remove lead-bearing dust from wood, wallpaper, and vinyl flooring as effectively as detergents developed specifically for removing lead.
A new mixing design has been added to the All-Purpose Valve (APV) from R.
MemberSpeak: Take part in this all-purpose, members-only public forum, primarily for IABC issues.
Of course, smokers need to give up cigarettes, the all-purpose killer.
A must-have all-purpose resource manual, Adobe Photoshop 7.
It quickly and completely biodegrades, and the blend of plant-based surfactants makes it an all-purpose cleaner great for hair, clothes, dishes or even dogs
Spotlight on household goods Price & availability Midlands NE Safeway Co-op Eastwood Wrekenton SELECTION OF LINES Nottingham Tyne & Wear Flash All-Purpose cleaner, lemon, 500ml 1.