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covering the entire surface

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Pout's make-up artist Lesley Wood recommends using the 'love glow' colour as a highlighter like Kylie and the 'afterglow' shade for more of an all-over bronzed effect like J-Lo.
Five Body Spray by Kangol: This all-over body mist is ideal for the modern young woman with an active lifestyle.
You can apply it with fingertips or directly to skin from the stick to layer and build all-over, medium coverage.
GIVEN 60 minutes, you've got time to go for an all-over application - but need a product that works quickly.
Mieka Smiles The BAREMINERALs Customizable 8-Piece Get Started Kit is PS49 and includes a foundation, Original Mineral Veil, Warmth All-Over Face Colour, Full Flawless Face Brush, Flawless Application Face Brush, Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush, Prime Time Foundation Primer and a Get Started DVD.
The decoratively-embellished Barbbie pump is packed with shiny gems and the Conncord shoe maxes out the glitzy trend, combining all-over embellishment with prints in a slip-on loafer.
The Studly slip-on flat with all-over studs is sure to grab anyone's attention from across the stage, a company statement said.
Amisu -- Pythons, palms and papaya -- animal, ikat and tropical all-over prints for hot looks.
Elegant: Lynda in a Savoir sequin blouse pounds 35, Savoir Confident Curves pencil skirt pounds 25, with necklace and bracelet set pounds 22, and platform suede shoes pounds 95, and, left, in a sequin maxi dress pounds 120, with Savoir all-over sequin jacket pounds 55, plus black and gold bead earrings pounds 25.
com), below, is an all-over body treatment for dry skin.
WHAT IS IT: Circuit training provides a one-stop exercise session, combining cardiovascular activity, toning and resistance training to give your body an all-over workout.
All-over protection Experts say one of the most neglected areas of the body when it comes to sun care are the ears.
London, June 6 (ANI): A new poll in the UK has revealed that one in five British women goes topless abroad to get an all-over tan.
Better for blitzing dry and patchy areas than for an all-over treatment.
SUN-worshippers seeking an even all-over tan may be aiming for the impossible, a medical study concluded today.