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Synonyms for all-or-nothing

occurring completely or not occurring at all


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All-or-nothing behavior shortly after MTBI was a significant predictor for the onset of PCS at 3 months (odds ratio, 1.
Great apes, with their all-or-nothing muscle usage, are explosive sprinters, climbers and fighters, but not nearly as good at complex motor tasks.
They acknowledged that cause was not realistically an all-or-nothing factor in practice.
Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell has refused to drop an all-or-nothing ultimatum to MPs over supercasinos.
The Government is pinning its hopes on an all-or-nothing strategy in which MPs and peers will be asked to endorse Manchester alongside 16 smaller casinos, including Middlesbrough.
Based on an all-or-nothing approach, it is not clear the amount of time the property must be held for investment or rental purposes to qualify for Sec.
You realize, `I don't have to go out and protest, I can buy this product or not buy this product,' and it's not just all-or-nothing.
Unfortunately, many people throw themselves into a sport or exercise regimen with a kind of all-or-nothing gusto.
However, given the all-or-nothing nature of the game which could take England to the European Championship, Taylor may be tempted to add and extra striker to his options on the bench.
Melandri gambled on an all-or-nothing late move for the lead, running wide before finishing a distant second, but Movistar Honda team-mate Gibernau was left to reflect on what might have been.
Parker and Hwang might have wanted to vote in categories not affected by their respective spouse or project, but the Tony rules don't allow it; it's an all-or-nothing gig.
Adopting an all-or-nothing approach would reflect a misapprehension of the duties, responsibilities, and day-to-day activities of the in-house practitioner community and how they differ in both kind and degree from the activities intended to be discouraged by the amendments to Circular 230.
Examples of all-or-nothing thinking are "I'll never lose weight" or "Nobody with spinal-cord impairment can benefit from exercise.
It is also an all-or-nothing approach--all the data in the SAN has to be virtualized and pass through the virtual layer.