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Synonyms for all-or-nothing

occurring completely or not occurring at all


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For example: "I had a take away, I enjoyed it and now I will plan for the rest of the week, all is not lost." Why not try it to help shift your all-or-nothing thoughts.
The "good enough deal" assumes complete denuclearization, as outlined in Trump's "all-or-nothing" strategy, is unrealistic.
You see, perfectionists don't think they are perfect; they are scared to death that they are failures - another great example of all-or-nothing thinking!
"Liam and Steffy are shocked when Hope makes an all-or-nothing decision about the holidays," spoilers for "B&B" reveal.
CHRISTIAN ERIKSEN believes Ireland could suffer stage fright in tomorrow's all-or-nothing World Cup shootout.
"It was all about getting through to the semis and I'm kind of an all-or-nothing player," she said.
The SNP are the all-or-nothing party and will never contemplate helping devolution succeed.
Alan Pardew's side are an all-or-nothing football team, steeped with attacking players - reflected in not having drawn a game all season.
This is the summer of the refugees, a time when the displaced, the desperate and the desolate have embarked on an all-or-nothing trek across Europe in what has become the greatest migration crisis since the end of the Second World War.
I don't get this all-or-nothing mentality on both sides.
The Fool responds: Selling isn't an all-or-nothing decision.
On average, 1 million dollars a day is pledged via Kickstarter, so it can be a great money-spinner, though the all-or-nothing model means if you don't reach your funding goal, you don't get a penny.
ADAM Lallana knows it is "all-or-nothing" time for England and is confident of kick-starting their World Cup campaign against Uruguay.
The American Medical Association noted that the proposed changes are helpful, but they still leave intact an all-or-nothing approach to meaningful use requirements.
ALEXANDR DOLGOPOLOV is an all-or-nothing kind of player so it makes sense to back him to beat Albert Montanes in straight sets rather than on the match odds, writes Michael Brear.