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Synonyms for all-or-none

occurring completely or not occurring at all

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We argue that such all-or-none thinking reifies 2 clinical "myths" about what psychosis represents:
Pucci also discusses "common mental mistakes" such as overgeneralization all-or-none thinking and jumping to conclusions.
Bates and the panelists for his roundtable discussion took an all-or-none approach to EMR implementation, suggesting that a practice has only two choices:
This is a very complicated system, and when vestibulotoxicity occurs, it is more than an all-or-none phenomenon--in other words, a spectrum of vestibular dysfunction can exist.
Many social decisions have to be made in categorical, yes-or-no, all-or-none fashion even though a lot of our biology is fuzzy and continuous.
Idealism tends to destroy useful ideas by making them all-or-none propositions.
There's been no consideration yet of reducing the package, which means Oregon and the other states that benefit currently face an all-or-none outcome - with possibly dire effects if the act isn't reauth- orized.
As such, these forecasts do not provide all-or-none predictions, which are right or wrong.
A variable degree of tissue acidosis, depending on the agonal phase, could be such an effect and could also explain its all-or-none character.
The effect of estradiol on the morphology of secondary sex characteristics was defined categorically as an all-or-none type of effect.
In many squid species, giant motor axons innervate extensive mantle fields composed of small-diameter, circular muscle fibers, and a single axonal impulse generates a powerful all-or-none twitch (3).
An all-or-none deliver property defined on multiple groups; and
In their lawsuit, the hospitals stated that the Medicare policy creates an all-or-none situation for them.
This alternating all-or-none response pattern was observed under both the FR 300 schedule and then under the FR 600 schedule.
The diversity of cases prevents the reader from taking an all-or-none position.