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Synonyms for all-or-none

occurring completely or not occurring at all

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Always: One of the most common words of all-or-none thinking, 'always' is often used in a negative way, to take one or a few specific instances and generalise to condemn the character of a person or the nature of our experiences.
The Hausman specification test (Hausman 1978) was conducted for all outcome variables, including the all-or-none indicator, the number of tests, and the three intermediate outcome measures.
It has been highlighted that considering the malignant potential of tumors as an all-or-none phenomenon is an oversimplification.
It is time to accept that prostate cancer screening is not an all-or-none' proposition and to accelerate development of personalized screening strategies that are tailored to a man's individual risk and preferences.
Delegates did approve an electronic health records resolution that called for holding vendors accountable for system downtime and other technology disruptions, and working with the CMS to earn physicians partial credit if some meaningful use objectives are met, rather than the current all-or-none situation.
Driver said work on the McClellan-Kerr system is an all-or-none proposal.
"By using an all-or-none metric, we're on a different scale; 14.5% is a really good score'" for meeting every goal of the diabetes bundle, Dr.
In particular, in a muscle cell covered with membranes, the contractile system always takes either the on or off state, depending on the electrical stimuli, which is known as the 'all-or-none law'.
"That makes it more flexible and not a one-size, all-or-none process."
All-or-none bids will be due on April 26, at which point the New York Fed will decide whether to sell depending on the strength of the best bid.
Pathology is often thought of as occurring as an all-or-none phenomenon-you either have brain damage or you don't.
The above quotes speak of psychosis as an all-or-none distinction: a "switch," something fundamentally different from other psychological processes.
Study lead author Jonah Stulberg, a recent graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine (where the research was conducted), said that the score is called an "all-or-none" composite, which is like a pass/fail: The hospital gets credit for a particular patient only if all the appropriate measures are taken.
Pucci also discusses "common mental mistakes" such as overgeneralization all-or-none thinking and jumping to conclusions.
When thinking about "going green," many people consider it an "all-or-none" lifestyle--or at least one that requires extreme actions like taking a two-minute, water-conserving shower.