sleep deprivation

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a form of psychological torture inflicted by depriving the victim of sleep

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It's better to study as much as you can until bedtime and then wake up early to review materials before a test than to pull an all-nighter because sleep rejuvenates the brain.
The All-nighter is a lock-in event, if you are under 18 then you will not be allowed to leave the event until the following morning at 8am.
good it got played " Jock claims that Allanton was an "uprising of sorts", adding: "It wasn't the first Scottish all-nighter to attract travellers or be known for playing top music but where Allanton was different was it was probably the No1 all-nighter in the UK at that point.
The PS5-a-head all-nighter is being staged at the Rumour nightspot in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands.
The sci-curious can join the Festival for a varied programme including the Electromagnetic Pulse Party - a club night with a scientific twist - and SciScreen, a film all-nighter at the Tyneside Cinema in which participants are invited to be part of the experiment.
MELBOURNE v NEWCASTLE tomorrow, 5am THOSE of you just coming in from an all-nighter to bring in the New Year can get stuck into their first bet of 2013 when Melbourne Heart take on Newcastle Jets early tomorrow morning in this busy festive time for A-League footballers, writes Mark Langdon.
They are filming a short promotional trailer for their Halloween Horror Movie All-Nighter, A Fright to Remember, and need a team of undead extras to play blood-thirsty zombies.
Glib, facile and allergic to genuine emotion, the New Year's Eve all-nighter "Jump" has all the qualifications for a breakout hit, given the widespread appetite for ADD editing, good-looking if shallow characters and undemanding narrative.
The boys pulled an all-nighter before their Ibiza 123 set and were still on great form.
The all-nighter includes the Shock & Gore Awards and a choice of The Evil Dead (18, 10.
Here's the scenario of pulling that all-nighter sketched in a comedy format to outline those familiar highs lows and crashes
MIAMI: Call them what you will: nuit blanche, la notte bianca or "white night"-- all-nighter arts fests have been around for some time.
Washington, May 18 (ANI): Everyone, from high-school students to surgeons, has known that pulling an all-nighter results in cognitive impairments.
The illustration for the first cover of Thrasher was an old-style Proquil India pen and ink drawing that I did at probably 3:30 in the morning, pulling an all-nighter and scratching away at my little studio in Los Gatos, CA.