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lasting, open, or operating through the whole night

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google the bands to fine more info) After the long weekend why not enjoy some of escapes mid week entertainment starting on Tuesday with Jam showcasing raw entertainment form local singers and bands this week feature bands are 51 breaks and the Falzones with drinks offers running all-night and a DJ playing till late itys the best night to break the week.
Ecstasy use is closely tied to the all-night dance club scene--hence its label as a "club drug.
That's when carp fans stay on for late or all-night weekend sessions when seriously big heavies are still patrolling for food before frosts put them down.
A combination of a huge Government majority and reforms in the Commons have made all-night sittings such as Thursday's an extreme rarity.
And to the government we say this: if all-night drinking means all-night thuggery we don't want it in North Wales.
There followed three days of panels, performances, cross-cultural talks, and glimpses of this theatrical city in its eerie all-night summer light.
All-Night Party: The Women of Bohemian Greenwich Village and Harlem, 1913-1930 by Andrea Barnet Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill March 2004 $16.
Some teens go to all-night dances, called raves or trances.
Fox Watch tracked coverage of the GOP's all-night protest over blocked judicial nominees.
He even glows in the dark, "to keep you company during those all-night bidding wars on eBay.
The most architectural of hacks seems to have been the 1992 transformation of a big space (Lobby 7) into the Cathedral of the All-Night Tool (read All-Night Swot) complete with stained-glass windows, pews, confessional and cheap imitations of all the usual kit you get in cathedrals.
THE RECENT PASSAGE of the RAVE act, which allows the government to hold event organizers responsible for customers' drug use, should infuriate even those who'd run screaming from one of these all-night, electronic-music-fueled dance parties.
MDMA, also known as "ecstasy," is used predominantly at all-night dance parties known as "raves," but its use is moving to such other settings as private homes, high schools, college dorms, and shopping malls.
THE BANANA SCULPTOR, THE PURPLE LADY, AND THE ALL-NIGHT SWIMMER: Hobbies, Collecting, and Other Passionate Pursuits by Susan Sheehan, Howard Means Simon & Schuster, $25.
In this collection, that territory includes a late adolescent whose mind and heart are forever frozen in young boyhood ("Jeffty is Five"); two loners whose ongoing, passionate debate about gender in the novels of Dostoyevsky fills many an empty hour in an all-night diner ("Prince Myshkin, and Hold the Relish"); and a middle-aged man who reacts to the deaths of several close friends by developing a recurring, terrifying lucid dream that threatens his sanity ("The Function of Dream Sleep").