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lasting, open, or operating through the whole night

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We don't want to see anyone lose their home and in both cases we tried a partial closure first in an attempt to prevent disturbances from all-night parties, but it's made no difference."
Ironically, it may have been coverage by several newspapers of Tomorrow, full of dancers ignoring the curfew as it was, that led authorities to order it and other clubs to close earlier in order to stop the all-night revelry.
Fire chiefs urged people to stay away from the all-night heavy metal gig at the iconic city landmark - which crews say is 'dangerous'.
Cinema-goers are being encouraged to get dressed up in Hallowe'en costumes or '80s fashion for the all-night session.
The post Runaway boys found safe and sound after all-night search appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
"We want to see an all-night service introduced, and we are not opposed to the recruitment of part time staff.
Using a "clever legal wrangle", the Quaddie was the UK's only legal all-night rave venue - which meant coaches full of revellers would arrive from all over the country every Saturday night.
One neighbour said the man had been a guest at an all-night party.
The poll covered Skopje, as the country's capital and other tourist places (Ohrid, Struga, Resen) in which together around 78 percent from the total number of all-night passes is realized.
A PUBGOER on an all-night bender bit off half a fellow drinker's lip after he was accused of knocking over his pint.
Craig Dalton caught one of 8lb 14oz in an all-night rover, while Dave Turnbull landed one of 6lb 11 oz in the club's other rover.
Hoteliers from Ohrid and Struga in whose objects, guests from Holland were accommodated are satisfied by the number of all-night passes and consumption.
On this day September 3, 1971: Residents who lived near the all-night One Ash Transport Cafe, Leeds Road complained of sleepless nights caused by noisy lorries and lorry drivers.
Summary: Rebel fighters in Libya recapture Ajdabiyah after an all-night battle, but Colonel Gaddafi's forces are still at the town's western gate.