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consisting completely of metal

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a durable, all-metal chassis and narrow bezels measuring just 6.3 mm (0.25
Clad in a durable, all-metal chassis, the Triton 500 has a thin 17.9mm profile and weighs 2.1kg.
The all-metal construction of the original F 13 was revolutionary.
in China conducted experimental research on characteristics of all-metal screw pumps, verifying that all-metal screw pumps have a good adaptability in artificial lift of heavy oils [8].
While its G4 handset debuted with a plastic body, the G5 launched with an all-metal design.
Cessna unveiled a mockup of their new turboprop and announced it will be named "Denali." Mooney brought their two new Ultra models, Rans debuted a new all-metal design in their kit line-up, and ForeFlight rolled out their latest update, version 8.
India, May 9 -- LeEco has launched three new headphones in India namely the Leme Bluetooth Headphones, LeTV All-Metal Earphones, and LeTV Reverse In-Ear Headphones.
This lens is 4K image ready, and features all-metal cine-style housing with geared manual zoom, focus and aperture rings for use in follow-focus systems.
These all-metal captive screw assemblies mount in one piece on boards using the pick-and-place method and will install in the same manner and at the same time as other surface mount components prior to the automated reflow solder process.
"We created the first all-metal phone, and our belief in the power of great design and technologically advanced engineering has been carried forward in our latest HTC One M9," said Nikitas Glykas, vice-president for HTC Middle East and Africa.
Compact and easy to hold, the all-metal unibody design is highlighted by a dual-tone silver and rose gold finish.
Ruggedized connectors ensure overall system integrity in industrial environments, and its all-metal sealed technology provides a permanent vacuum.
The all-metal construction lets the devices be used in temperature extremes, cryogenic to 450 F.
Offered in diffuse with background suppression and polarized retro-reflective models, the IP67 rated sensors feature round, all-metal housings with 30 mm mounting bases fitted with an M12 quick-disconnect.
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