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consisting completely of metal

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With more than 70 years of experience in precision machining, Eisele is one of the world's leading suppliers for high quality all-metal connectors and developing custom connector solutions.
The new device leverages HTC's all-metal design and combines it with new enhancements, including a 5.
the first beautiful, seamless, all-metal phone, and our belief in the power of
Perfect for those who don t want to compromise on style or technology, the Galaxy A3 and A5 combine a sleek all-metal design with an extraordinary Super AMOLED display for vivid, colourful content wherever you are.
Interested readers should check out the impressive images of the all-metal Galaxy A5 from (http://www.
All-metal implants have been shown to deposit metal fragments into the bloodstream, which could possibly cause metal poisoning.
Bunting's Machine-Mounted All-Metal Separators are highly sensitive triple-coil metal detectors engineered to sense and remove both ferrous and non-ferrous metals - including iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, lead and tin - from moving virgin and regrind material.
Our many improvements include our patent-pending all-metal seal as well as a remote operator station and rugged sliding safety guards that effectively eliminate the potential for operator injury.
The drive maintains its elegant and protective all-metal casing to complement the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, while increasing storage capacity to 2 TB, enough space for approximately 400,000 photos, 240 hours of video or 500,000 songs, a statement from WD said.
All-metal hip joints were already under scrutiny over how long they last.
The failure rates of metal-on-metal hips and concerns about the gradual buildup of wear particles in the body have prompted many patients to rethink their decision to undergo joint replacement surgery with all-metal implants.
The failure of thousands of all-metal artificial hips is expected to cost American taxpayers and insurers billions of dollars in coming years, according to the New York Times (NYT).
Capable of standing up to the rigors of rough and repeated professional use, these head phones are designed for rock-solid durability featuring an all-metal body construction and tough, all-metal hinges.
Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 The keeshond; 2 Antarctica; 3 The Niagara; 4 Whist; 5 The first all-metal aeroplane; 6 Eddie Izzard; 7 EEG; 8 Two; 9 Precious; 10 The killer whale.
Classic good looks and high-quality craftsmanship make this the ultimate in food mixers and its robust all-metal construction,powerful 10-speed motor and tilt-up head design make light work of mixing large batches.
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