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consisting completely of metal

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in China conducted experimental research on characteristics of all-metal screw pumps, verifying that all-metal screw pumps have a good adaptability in artificial lift of heavy oils [8].
For many consumers, ditching the all-metal body found on its predecessor is quite puzzling.
Durable, all-metal cine-style housing with geared manual zoom, focus and aperture rings for use in follow-focus systems
The new device leverages HTC's all-metal design and combines it with new enhancements, including a 5.
Compact and easy to hold, the all-metal unibody design is highlighted by a dual-tone silver and rose gold finish.
The all-metal construction lets the devices be used in temperature extremes, cryogenic to 450 F.
Offered in diffuse with background suppression and polarized retro-reflective models, the IP67 rated sensors feature round, all-metal housings with 30 mm mounting bases fitted with an M12 quick-disconnect.
It had an all-metal monocoque construction, closed canopy, retractable landing gear and was powered by a powerful liquid-cooled, V12 aero engine.
It has an all-metal gearbox for durability and comes with both a flat and pointed chisel head, plus a seriously sturdy carry case.
The IDK has all-metal construction and is battery-powered.
All-metal implants have been shown to deposit metal fragments into the bloodstream, which could possibly cause metal poisoning.
Umarex is offering an UZI-brand replica semiauto submachine BB rifle with an all-metal receiver, adjustable sights and blowback action.
The drive maintains its elegant and protective all-metal casing to complement the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, while increasing storage capacity to 2 TB, enough space for approximately 400,000 photos, 240 hours of video or 500,000 songs, a statement from WD said.
All-metal hip joints were already under scrutiny over how long they last.
The failure rates of metal-on-metal hips and concerns about the gradual buildup of wear particles in the body have prompted many patients to rethink their decision to undergo joint replacement surgery with all-metal implants.
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