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infinitely wise


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That day they will not be able to use their dirty tactics, as Allah is All-Knowing and does not forgive the violation of the rights of His creations.
Raffaele Pettazzoni and Herbert Jennings Rose, Correspondence 1927-1958: The Long Friendship Between the Author and the Translator of The All-Knowing God: With an Appendix of Documents
It's not Dan and Anthony being all-knowing in this, but it's a good roadmap," Berger said.
The notion that an all-seeing, all-knowing Whitehall can somehow better respond to the needs and opportunities of our great cities than the people who live and work in them is bunkum.
On the editorial page, I read that the all-knowing leaders of our fine country are considering cutting the food stamp program that is feeding our neediest citizens.
Under Milk Wood, the 1950s radio drama later made into a film starring Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, features an all-knowing narrator who invites the audience to listen to the dreams and innermost thoughts of the inhabitants of a fictional small Welsh fishing village called Llareggub.
O all-knowing ebbless red sea I want to look in your face & live this beautifully always.
If God really were all-knowing, Clarkson said, children at Christmas time today would be singing 'Oh little town of Wellington' and people would not cease from mental fight until Jerusalem had been built in Auckland's green and pleasant land.
Snitch, the mysterious and all-knowing contributor to TheLobbyNH.
Along the way, he speculates about possibilities such as an all-knowing and benevolent artificial intelligence, the atomic physics of resurrection, and, most important of all, reasons to continue living.
The watchful eye of the marketer is all-knowing and virtually inescapable.
DIVINITY OF DOUBT: THE GOD QUESTION argues that the Christian God cannot exist and offers a close consideration of why a divine being could not be all-good, all-powerful or all-knowing at the same time.
If we are prepared to put ourselves in the hands of a competent doctor when critically ill, surely we should be prepared to put ourselves in the hands of our loving, all-knowing father, who wants always what is best for us.
Does one dare brush aside the all-knowing elder statesmen, the steady hand on the tiller, in favour of an upstart un- known who will change x and y in favour of z?
Honeybee society, he writes, is a spontaneous order with "no all-knowing central planner" and "an enviable harmony of labor without supervision.
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